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Review: Little Penguin's Big Arctic Adventure
Author: MasterM
Added: 20/08/2002

Little Penguin`s Big Arctic Adventure is a really nice game with some annoying bugs. The mix between cartoon graphic (which looks very cool) and pictures is great! I never saw this in a Click Game but I really like it.

Okay letís talk about the cartoon graphic: The Penguin is a cute guy so itís nice to play him. The dick head aliens look really funny. The Eskimos are painted well, too. Everything is painted well and the Intro is cool, too.

Yes! This game really amazed me but the bugs arenít fine. Some examples: The first boss: Sometimes I canít see my lives.
Sometimes thereís a third letter and a third platform. WHY? That the camera scrolls to the ghost when I hit it is a big plus point. First I thought: ď Why the hell is there a spot lightĒ but later I got the answer. This was really funny.
One of the most annoying bugs: You know this jump-things. The bouncers (I have no idea if they have a name) . One of this bouncer grabbed my feet and I was stuck in it so I had the restart the game. This really bugged me.

That thereís sometimes NO music bugs me too but when thereís music itís nice music. I think the first midi is the volley fire theme (a really cool gb game) and the menu screen music is a song from city hunter (I love this anime) but I am not sure.

The adventure elements are nice. Itís cool that you can talk with people and that you get missions. The little sequences are nice, too. I mean the rock on the butterfly and the installing of the TNT.
Overall I can say this is a really nice game (I know that I used the word ďniceĒ very often in this text) and everybody should give it a try.


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