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Review: Super Ken Senshi
Author: Pete Nattress
Added: 17/08/2003

Well, I think Iíll prise myself away from this game long enough to write a review.

Iím not a 10-for-everything kind of guy, but in this case I think every 10 Iíve awarded this game is duly deserved. Super Ken Senshi is an incredibly addictive, well-polished and thoroughly enjoyable multiplayer game. If you like bashing the control key as quickly as possible, whilst manoeuvring left and right to dodge incoming hordes of bullets, lasers and missile fire, then this is the game for you.

The game is immaculately presented; the main menu and respective sub menus are all impressive. The came join/host screen is efficient and easy to use. The best thing about the game is that you can play it on your own should no one else be there when you want to play (as was the case with me once).

The game is also excruciatingly fun to play. Masses of enemies will come down on you at once, and itís your job to dodge the incoming fire and remove the threats as soon as possible. Of course, this could become mundane if it werenít for the many weapons powerups and upgrades, which are randomly scattered when you kill enemies. Not only are there different guns, including massive tracking lasers, bullets that can only be described as gigantic bubbles, and missiles, but there are different forms of them. E.g. you could pick up a missile weapon that fires two missiles, then upgrade it so it fires four. If things get desperate, you can unleash a missile barrage on the terrain with a push of the space bar, and watch those bastards burn.

Your human counterparts are not your enemies and you cannot hurt them. Rather, it is a competition between all the players to see how many enemies can be killed before you reach the end of the level (as it slowly scrolls upwards). And when you have three competitors, the sparks really do fly. The game just looks awesome. If it gets a bit too unclear for you, pressing control will show you exactly where your vehicle is.

The graphics are wonderful. The game has a nice, consistent cartoony style that serves its purpose well. The most impressive graphical feature is, in my opinion, the giant yellow tracking laser, which swerves through the whole screen seeking out enemies. The explosions are top notch, too. My only quibble is that it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between a powerup and certain type of little enemy, but you soon get used to it. Incidentally, The game has a quick learning curve; I picked it up within one or two games.

Sounds and music fit in well with the game, but there could be a bit more variety with the in game music. It is the same track all the time, but you probably wont notice as youíll be so involved with the game.

This game will last you for a long time, simply because of its arcade style addictiveness. I donít think it's possible to tire of this game. If you are sceptical, then it is worth the (comparatively small) 3 megabyte download at the very least, trust me. The high score feature is sure to keep you playing just to see if you can get to the top 100 (Iíve got there but I donít think Iíll be staying there too long).

Overall, this game has a lot going for it. The slick presentation, impressive graphics and utterly addictive gameplay means that Super Ken Senshi will be keeping people entertained for a long time. Iím not going to be naÔve enough to say that this is the best click game ever, because that is not for me to judge. But I think that it may come quite close. Download it and see if you agree.

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