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Review: Super Ken Senshi
Author: Echisketch(PS)
Added: 02/04/2004

Wow, first over-hyped faind game that lives up to expectations...

The title is extremely professional and well-thought out with the sliding options a nice little detail, Definetally and area that was thought out well.


And you thought newbs were the only ones that made shooters! Shame on you! This game is so pleasently addictive, with tons of enemies, Online play, and crap-loads of weapons, make this one of my most favoured click games.


Though not jaw-dropping, incredibly awesome graphics are everywhere! Special effects are well-varied and origonal, SNES+ Commercial quality!

Sounds & Music

Slightly not up to the top like the rest of the points of this game are the sounds, same-old same-old explosions firing noises and flying noises, and the music isn't much better either but they both suit this type of game and get away with being normal quality.


It won't last over a month, partially because its a click game, but it is truly a game that focuses on gameplay rather then the things that don't truly matter, Super Ken Senshi is a great game that'll last longer then most games you'll download from here.


Addictive, origonal concepts, awesome graphics, commercial appeal, all mixed into a big pot and cooked at 350 C for 1 year in MMF 1.5 creates Super Ken Senshi, A great game that deserves all the gay faind fan-boys attention.

Final Verdict

Fun, Simply Put, Fun, and it'll last long after most click games die. With this game I almost don't want to stab every non-faind member forum user..

Sound and Music:

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