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Review: Super Ken Senshi
Author: Kirby Smith
Added: 17/08/2003

Presentation ( 10 ) - Slick menu design and vibrant colors from the very first screen. The online interface is simple, yet effective, and it is easy to jump into a game in a matter of seconds.

Gameplay ( 10 ) - Absolutely wonderful. The game would be good enough in single player, but it made all the better by the ability to fight along-side 3 comrades. Powerups of every sort are always available, and the weapons are as sweet to use as they are numerous -- that is to say that there are many ways to blow shit up and you will enjoy all of them. The controls are deceptively simple, mapped to only the shift and space-bar, but extended play can prove this to be somewhat uncomfortable (I suggest using the other shift button when you hand starts to bleed). Nevertheless, the game is a blast, and you won't be let-down.

Graphics ( 9 ) - My only complaint about the graphics is that the screen sometimes becomes so frantic that it is difficult to pick out your ship among the enemies and gunfire. That said, the backgrounds are well drawn, and the sprite-work and weapon effects are excellent. Nothing stands out as being particularly ground-breaking, but the look is consistant and there is always something moving.

Sound And Music ( 8 ) - Sound effects do their job, they fit what is happening on-screen, and never get in the way. They won't blow you away, but you won't be wanting to rip your speakers out and throw them either. The music is nice, but can be a little repetitive. It's not bad though, as you will be focusing much more on the intense gameplay than you will on the sound.

Lastability ( 10 ) - When I first downloaded this, it sucked nearly 4 hours of my life away. Now, the next morning, I still have the urge to beat by high score (currently 510K or so). That is really the key to this game's success in my eyes, the online high-score list. Being able to compare yourself to gamers all across the world is great motivation to do better, and will have you playing for hours on end.

Overall ( 10 ) - What can I say that I haven't already? This game is wonderful, and should not be missed. This is one of the best Klik games I've had the pleasure of playing.

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