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Review: Super Ken Senshi
Author: Klikmaster
Added: 27/08/2003

Firstly I must say this is the best online game i've played made by a Click Product. Well how do i rate it?

The game is presented well at the start screen in a smart and exciting way. Then there is a chat screen where you can chat with other users and host or join a new game, the layout is represented neatly, and in a way that is easy on the eye, and logical.

The gameplay is awsome, there are an amount of different levels, with harder and more complex bad-guys, there are many weapon power-ups to change weapon, and increase its power. some of the best are a blue beam, and a wiggly beam which bends towards close targets. Also you can collect various other power-ups , for example are some that award you an amount of points depending on the colour. Probably the best factor is that you can play with your friends online. Each game can accept up to 4 players, and you can join at any time. The only downside may be that you may be avoiding power-ups the whole time, to make sure you keep one you like or which is better.

In my opinion the graphics are excellent seeing as they were done by hand, pixel by pixel, rather than a 3D/2D program to help I think they deserve a great rating.

There isn't a great variety of music in this game, it's done fairly well, but many different songs would have made a greater game. The sound however is excellent, I don't know whether the Super-Ken-Senshi team made them themselves, but they are appropriate and add a great deal of depth into this game.

I believe that because of the online facilities, and the great gameplay, this game will "live". But however I think that the gameplay might feel repetetive to gamers, so I won't grade the lastability with the highest rating.

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