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Review: Super Ken Senshi
Author: Silveraura
Added: 18/07/2004

As a reminder that this game is still out & great, I'd like to add my few cents in, mainly because I didnít review it before when I should have.

Basically the game has an extremely good engine, now at the time it first came out it was extremely popular & full of people, but hopefully this review will bring the game's popularity back because I know that I honestly enjoyed the game!

Game play:
Amazing, I love the game play, as said, u can hardly tell that there is any lag at all along with the amazing engine that the game has. Easy to learn, fun to play, & addicting, 3 qualities that make the game play basically perfect, just like in this game!

Really nicely done graphics, easy on the eyes & the way the special effects are, I just canít get enough of. Now I will be the first to admit that in some parts, like when firing the green beams, the graphics can get a little jaggy, but extremely easy to get over & still, great! More good then bad, thatís as simple as I can say it.

Sound & Music:
Sound, umm, all I can say about the sound is that it matches everything perfectly, not sure where they where gotten, but I do know that they match the game perfectly. Music? Matches the game plays perfectly, another thing that makes this game addicting because u just have to listen to the music.

Last ability:
Like I said before, its extremely aditicting, but I will say that because not many people play it as they used to, this games addiction has slipped quite a bit mainly because it was really fun to just play with other people. Itís just that thing that makes an online game fun.

Overall this game is completely awesome & which is why I am reviewing it to help people find & play the game some more, because itís extremely fun, but even funnier with more people to join & play with!

Sound and Music:

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