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Review: Super Ken Senshi
Author: jast
Added: 17/08/2003

Ooooh, it has been a long time since I last reviewed a game, but this one surely deserves getting one.

As most people probably already know, SKS is a shooter. Destry enemies, collect powerups, don't die. That's everything the game is about and that's fine.

The one thing that makes SKS special is that it's a pure online game. Find a host or open a game yourself and play with up to 4 other players - and finally get the highscore on the online scoreboard. Scoring is what makes this game addictive - and it definitely works well.

As others have already stated, the game looks and feels incredible. Its oldschool graphics look great and the music doesn't get annoying. No weapon is too strong or too weak compared to the other ones and the enemies behave just as you expect enemies in such a game to behave. However, this game isn't perfect. There are several points I didn't really like. Those are only small ones, but nonetheless, they tend to annoy me. Neither your name nor your spaceship nor the hostname you last selected is saved, you have to enter everything again and again and again. As long as you are alone and you really focus on the game, it plays damn well, but if 4 ships (probably each one with a fully upgraded weapon) start shooting at the masses of enemies that tend to be spawned in later levels, you just can't tell where your ship is (also, several ships can have the same color) - this would be easy to fix by somehow marking the player's ship. Also, there are only two different weapon power-ups that change colors for different weapons - but they always start blue. That means it's practically impossible to get and upgrade one of the later weapons as soon as there are other players fighting with you, simply because one of them probably collects that power-up before your color appears. Chosing the first color randomly would solve this problem... Other points to improve are that there's only one level that is repeated over and over again and that some more information about the hosts should be displayed (like for how long it's already active etc. etc.).

These glitches don't really make this game bad. SKS is one of the best click games I've played and probably the best online click game available. However, they tend to be annoying and, more important, they make it practically impossible to get a high score with other players in the same game. So I'm looking forward to the first patch - and until then, I'll keep trying to beat that damn high score...

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