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Review: Super Ken Senshi
Author: Cybermaze
Added: 22/08/2003

The game Super Ken Senshi toned up on the frontpage. Woah, it looked interesting so I downloaded it and tried it out.

Super Ken Senshi is a game in style with the old shareware game Raptor, the game Star Monkey and numerous arcade shoot em ups like 1944. I dont know any click games I can compare it to. Basically this means its a top down view game where you fly a fighter and must shoot down all the enemies that aproach you.
The main difference from other shoot em ups is that this game can be played alone or in multiplayer. Server is build into the game itself so you can easily host a game or join another as running servers are listed for you, nice!
The game is set in a non specified future. Mission is non existant.

The presentation of the game is nice. A good and simple menu gives you want you need and no more. Thats an 8.

Gameplay. Story is non existant, why? Is it because of the multiplayer function? Still I would like to have a reason for killing those nasty enemies.
All players fly the same ship but the color can be adjusted in the menu. So very little variety here.
The enemies come in many flavours, some of them are just the same ship with another color which means its basically the same ship (including movement) but it may shoot more or have more armour. The movement of the enemies are different which gives variety.
Power ups are an important part of shoot em ups. Theres life which repairs your ship. Large colored things means a new weapon (color indicates weapon), small colored things upgrades your weapon (color indicates which weapon it upgrades). Theres also a temporary shield which makes you indestructible. Theres also a power up that makes you an enemy (only with more than one player) so dont take that .
Addictiveness is high. Youre sucked into the game for while.
Lastability. Multiplayer makes it more lasting. Who will get the highest score? But in the long run the game is too repetitive.
Overall gameplay is a little limited. A catchy story, more ships to fly, more different enemies, more different power ups could pull the score up. And so Ill just give it a 7 here.

Graphics are detailed and good. Its a low resolution (as usual) but still its good. The game be run both windowed and full screen. Full screen sucks you more into the game as the screen is bigger and no disturbing elements. On the other hand the graphics appear more blocky here (no wonder). Still the graphics are good. Well, except a certain big explosion which is an enlarged version of the small explosion. That one is too blocky please. Ill give it a 8.

Sound and music. Sound effects are ok. With shooting sounds and explosions. You dont really take notice you just concentrate on flying.
Music is represented by a single midi through the game. Thats too little please. The midi is good however, but its annoying in the long run. Ill give it 8.

Lastability. Ive allready mentioned it under gameplay. Ill give it 8 because of the multiplayer function (it would be 7 if it was single player only).

Bugs. Id like to talk about bugs. The game does not work with routers/firewalls. What a pitty for me. Either fix it so it works automatically or tell us which port the server listens for connections so we can open it and play multiplayer!

Overall the rating falls at 8. I know this is not what others have given the game, so let me use a few lines on why I gave it 8.
I feel 10/10 is way too much for this game. First of all, this game is not the best shoot em up you could ever make in a click product. So if a better shoot em up shows up how would you show that in your rating with 10/10 allready used?
Take Ignac 2 trailer. The game shows extremely nice graphics. If the gameplay etc. follows those standards would you not say that was better than this game? (It definently could be!) How would you show that in your rating with 10/10 allready being used?
Please note, 8 is a good rating! Id say 5 is average, 6 is above average, 7 is good, 8 is very good, 9 is extremely good and 10 is impossibly good. So I gave this game a rating of 8 (very good), which it is. Very good. But its not extremely good and certainly not impossibly good. Impossibly good means you must invent a new game genre or something similar out of the ordinary to get it. Super Ken Senshi brings nothing entirely new and cannot be given 10. So note, in my book 8 is very good. Try the game!

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