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Review: Super Ken Senshi
Author: ChrisB
Added: 17/08/2003

Must. Stop. Playing. Now. Okay, done. (I have a lot of willpower.) Super Ken Senshi looks and plays a lot like the old arcade games where you had to save the world from the ubiquitous alien invasions. In fact, if you took the game away and put it in an arcade 10 years ago, I doubt that anyone would notice.

If you love shoot-em-ups, you'll love this. Blast your way through hordes of enemy spacecraft with a wide range of guns, ranging from small lasers and missiles to blue beams, long tracking beams and the Bubble Blower Of Doom. (Obviously someone replaced the bubble mixture for acid.) As the enemies become more numerous and dangerous, you'll need either fast reactions or more firepower - fortunately, the latter is easily achieved by collecting powerups of the same type as your weapon. For example, collecting a red powerup will change your weapon to twin lasers, but if you already have them they will be upgraded to triple lasers, and then 5 lasers at once. Similarly, beams will increase in thickness and power.

As you play you'll learn how the different enemies will attack you. After you get destroyed by a certain enemy's laser beam, you'll learn not to get in front of it when it's about to attack. The learning curve is short and you'll get to know the enemies and weapons after a couple of plays.

So is this a one-player pursuit? No, no, no, no, no! Super Ken Senshi isn't super because it sounds good, it's super because it's an online game. Up to three other players can help you fight the waves of aliens, each with player-selectable ship colours (and in the case of Ben, creator of the game, the ability to be a totally different type of craft entirely). You can't hurt them and they can't hurt you, but they can nick your powerups just as you were going to get them yourself. Oh, how annoying! At least you can laugh at them when they lose and you still have 2 lives left, although there is no in-game chat (text or voice) to send them a commiserative message. Not that it matters - you'll be too busy blasting away to have any time to type.

The graphics are clear, detailed and in the same style throughout. You can't expect any more from them. Presentation is very slick, too, with menus and lists sliding in and out. Fallen Angel must be running up large bills with the amount of polish they've used on this game.

The sound fits the game perfectly, and while the music is the same throughout often you're too busy playing to notice. It isn't distracting but I would've expected a little more variety.

It's easy to find yourself playing this game for hours on end, just to get as high a score as possible. In fact, you might not even care about scores at all. You'll just want to play another time, every time. It's even better if you have other people online who have joined your game. The only thing this game is lacking is a few more levels... some variety in the background and music. But hey - do I really care? No. This game is one of the best online Click games (possibly second to Tank Wars Online, and Tremor Tournament though I never played it) and it deserves a download by EVERYONE. If you haven't done it yet, why not? Go and do it now. The Grand Starfish orders you to do so.

note: I was deeply disappointed when my score of 600,000-odd wasn't sent to the scoreboard. ARGH!! I feel like marking down the game for this, but it would've scored 11/10 if such a thing was possible.

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