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Red Feud
Author: Mårten Submitted: 20th October, 2002 Favourites:2
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 1526
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By Rikus on 2/12/2010

This game is part of the Klik-Museum
Game Created by: MArten

Due to popular demand and whatever I'm finally uploading this game, 4th place in the DC compo (1st place in our book )

A platform/adventure game about 1/8 of ED's size (if your interested).

Within ages of tremors a world is created. We travel eons in space to go from body to race. Eventually chaos will settle it's lust for change and let us evolve on our own. That is when we come up with ideas such as greed, jealousy and rivaltry. Universal ideas which will push our way of living to the edge of conflict and that's where you come in...
(Actually it's a simple saver/savé story but I wanted to let you explore it on your own)

Special thanks to Nobuyuki and Shadowcaster for helping with making this public.

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Posted by Mark 21st October, 2002

Wow this is fun:) im stcuk on the bit where u have to chnage the blocks with levers lol, thing is tho, if u get stuck behind two blocks u cant get bk up:( ne1 got ne tips on that part?
Posted by gustav 21st October, 2002

wahaha! i love this game so much! even though i lost my save file just before the final boss (went back to the birds place, looking for secrets. bird flew off with me. i waited. nothing happened. restart. lost. *sob*) but i still cant help but love it :3 i mean... look at his ducking animation! how adorable is that?! :D
Posted by gustav 21st October, 2002

urgh... i hate the :D smilie...
Posted by gustav 21st October, 2002

did i mention this should have won the compo?
Posted by Mårten 21st October, 2002

Thanks for great comments every one! I'm actually just co-producer of this game but I take them to my heart anyway :) We originally meant to make this game a lot bigger with a completely different story but re-arranged it to send to the compo instead (Started making it in the middle of July). One strange thing: When I play this game on my computer I get full screen from start up, but on every other it's windowed. Does anyone know the cause of this?
Posted by Mårten 21st October, 2002

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, the ending is the coolest thing about the game. So keep hacking 'n slashing!
Posted by matrixkitty 21st October, 2002

Posted by gGg 21st October, 2002

we want more
Posted by Mr Saturn 21st October, 2002

Good lord, how many hits does the last boss take? I spent 30 minutes of my life shooting fireballs at his red nose and then quite. Sorry but that is just a lazy way to make him challenging (which he is not, he just takes a lot of hits). Anyway, review coming shortly....
Posted by podius (Alan C) 21st October, 2002

to fight the boss u use the fire to hit the nose back into place, then use the umbrella to hit the nose while it is attached to his face. yea, it took me a while to figure it out too, i was firing the fireballs for like 1/2 an hour and then i died. MAN, this game is too short! SEQUEL POR FAVOR!!!
Posted by podius (Alan C) 21st October, 2002

mr saturn, at least beat the game b4 u review it! u're giving it a bad review cuz u couldn't figure how to beat the boss! and c'mon, this game had 3 months to make it to the comp (which was the time limit i think) and ed took like 2 years. i think this game is worthy of ed, but targeted more towards the younger audience.
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 21st October, 2002

i beat it!94% done hmm maybe i missed a heart container,but i have a hunch of where it may be.Great game i dont have to write a review now,but maybe later.It deserves a 10 in the gameplay area :).
Posted by Mr Saturn 21st October, 2002

It should give feedback that you are not hurting him. I assumed he was getting hurt because the fireball disappeared and his fist moved across the screen. Regardless, that was not my main complaint with the game and would not have changed my rating.
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 22nd October, 2002

100% Finished i missed the treasure chest :/ .Still too busy to write a review(going to school :()O well will write later.
Posted by Verge3000 22nd October, 2002

This is GREEEAAAT!!!
Posted by Razorshark Productions 22nd October, 2002

Well done Lad, keep up the good work... :)
Posted by Simdrone052 22nd October, 2002

I feel bad for Derek (the BES one), hehe...
Posted by Mr Saturn 22nd October, 2002

I just wanted to say that I fixed my review for this game so it no longer has incorrect information.
Posted by vontheo 22nd October, 2002

Um, way to totally copy my review in some aspects, Jason...
Posted by Joe.H 23rd October, 2002

the link isn't working
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 23rd October, 2002

hmm id help with new graphics,but im too busy :(.heh review should be coming soon
Posted by Lavos_core 23rd October, 2002

Why cant i dl this?
Posted by ruffles 23rd October, 2002

oh s*it, i can't download it too :(
Posted by Caderay 23rd October, 2002

Neither can I
Posted by Caderay 23rd October, 2002

Neither can I
Posted by Caderay 23rd October, 2002

Neither can I
Posted by Caderay 23rd October, 2002

What the hell happened there?
Posted by Pete Nattress 24th October, 2002

i get an asp error. :(
Posted by bigdave 24th October, 2002

link dont work on mine
Posted by Mark Pay 24th October, 2002

Copy and paste the link text
Posted by Pete Nattress 24th October, 2002

cool game.
Posted by bigdave 25th October, 2002

you said to me that ir was rubbish!
Posted by DBack 25th October, 2002

Yeah, Mr. Saturn, or Mr. Anyone Who Doesn't Like Eternal Daughter Is Just Jealous... LOLOL!OL!O!LO
Posted by Pete Nattress 25th October, 2002

"you said to me that ir was rubbish!" I also told you that gamble was good, but its not, is it?
Posted by Mårten 28th October, 2002

Thanks (again) for great commments and reviews! A few questionmarks answered: * The music is original (as it says in the credits) * We were unsure of whetger the Absorbo ring should be in the game as you don't really get to use it that much. * The title "Red Feud" was intended to pun "Family Feud" hence show that some relative bonds amongst the main characters (that failed miserably didn't it) * When fighting there's always the feedback of "oof.biff.ungh" to show if the enemy is getting hurt. That includes the final boss. So there. Thank you for playing!
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 30th October, 2002

Great music, great idea... brought me back to the good old SNES days, heh. If there was one thing wrong with it it was the backdrop graphics, which could be a bit sparse at times... but who cares? Great game overall anyway.
Posted by jast 21st December, 2002

It's down :(
Posted by Mårten 16th January, 2003

Red Feud can also be found at:
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 16th February, 2003

Very! Very! Cool!!!!! I like it alot!
Posted by Blackgaze 13th July, 2003

Posted by haloboycs 19th August, 2004

those 2 link dont work, not qualified for 100th gotw i guess?
Posted by Wilderness (Ultra Soft) 20th August, 2004

The link doesn't work...
Posted by Imadjinn 9th November, 2004

I was sure that I reviewed this before... Oh well. For a quick blast of entertainment, you need go no further than this ruby of a game (see what I've done there?). There are no flaws as far as I know of and the bosses are of excellent design. WICKEDASSCOOL!
Posted by Derek_Reaves 12th October, 2005

not to mention , definitely more fun than ED
Posted by AndyUK 25th June, 2007

Best click game ever!
Posted by DaVince 27th June, 2007


Posted by alastair john jack 21st July, 2007

Thanks for the WORKING LINK!

Posted by Rikus 12th February, 2010
Rated :

Added screenshots back, uploaded the working game file to our server and added it to the museum. I actually played this one longer then I intended to. Super great platformer!
Comment edited by Rikus on 2/12/2010
Posted by Disthron 16th February, 2010

Hi, looks like a cool game. I was wondering though. How do you do that thing with the dragons head? You know that trick with the....ball tentacles? You used to see that in games sometimes and I've wonted to know how to do that for ages. I don't even know what people call it.
Posted by The Chris Street 14th February, 2011

Both ED and this are good. In terms of production value ED clearly wins, but Red Feud is almost a sort of "my first platform RPG" game and is more accessible

I love them both anyway.






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