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Review: Red Feud
Author: Isaac
Added: 26/10/2002

Wow. In one word, wow. Red Feud, one of the many entrys into the Daily Click Competition, is truly a jewel to behold. Feud scored fourth in the competition, but the sheer presentation quality garners it high marks. You play as a charachter named Red Beard, a red bearded-vigilante-type out for to save his kidnapped friend from the evil clown (yes, a clown). Given a sword by his Mr. Miyagi style master, Red Beard sets out on his journey.

The game itself is a cross between Mario 2 and Legend of Zelda. The level structure is similar to Mario 2, right down the electro-balls that hug the floor and walls. The RPG end of the game entails itself with the unique use of various powers collected throughout the game. In a cool twist, a Ring of Protection lets one absorb and elemental power (wind for example) and uses it for your benefit (to jump higher, for example).

The graphics and music are superb. The cartoony feel gives the game a warm, fuzzy feel and is easy for youngsters, but the older brothers and sisters can still help at the tough puzzles that pop up throught the game.
All in all, a great game and a good example for others learning the genre.

Highs: Great gameplay, fun graphics, all around happy feeling.

Lows: Puzzles require brainwork; Some might get stuck on some parts (what to do next, namely)

Final Verdict: A joy to play. If you want to see what TGF/MMF can do, download this for a good example.


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