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Review: Red Feud
Author: Ben
Added: 25/10/2002

Lately, platform games have been the genre that I've been playing, and planning to work on for my next project.

GAMEPLAY - Mixed... I wasn't a big fan of the level design, it would have been nice if our red-bearded hero had a few more actions in his arsenal rather than just being able to swing his sword. The enemies (not including bosses) are on the threshhold of generic and mediocre, although some creative ones have been tossed in the mix. One final note on gameplay is it would have been nice to give the player just a little more direction in where to go and what to do. (ref. end boss)

GRAPHICS - So-so, but again you can't expect high-res platform scrollers to work exceptionally well, so it's usually okay if the graphics are somewhat pixelated. The bosses are done well, and some of the enemies (like those nasty little baby dragons) seem to lure you in and then take you out. It would have been nice however to see just a few more backdrop objects like trees, walls, bushes, mountains... anything, just to give the gamer a little more sense of location.

SOUND - The music is quite good. While I'm not sure whether it's original or not, the music is well suited for the game and provides a fair bit of much needed character.

THE FINAL WORD - Red Feud, as many other platform scrollers seems to be fairly generic in its design, but that doesn't make it a bore. It was indeed a lot of fun and I would still recommend it.


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