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Review: Red Feud
Author: Mr Saturn
Added: 22/10/2002

Red Feud (I have no idea why it is called that the game has nothing to do with a feud) is an above average click game. It has the makings of being a classic but falls short because of a few serious problems.


Average at best. This game certainly won't win any awards for graphics, thatís for sure (why do the main characters eyes spin when he walks?).


The music in this game is VERY well done (I am assuming it is original as I have not heard it before). In fact I would say it is as good as a commercial platform game on the Super Nes. So good job on the music. The sound effects, however, are only average. The game could also use some more sound effects, as there are not very many.


To sum up the gameplay, you run around with a sword, jumping on platforms and slaying a wide variety of enemies and bosses. The game is a cakewalk; so don't worry about it being to challenging (I got to the last boss without dying once on my first try to give an example of how easy it is). Nothing wrong with an easy game I suppose, since some people like easy games just don't expect anything resembling a challenge. The bosses are well done, except for the last one. Without giving anything away, you have to figure out how to kill him. Nothing wrong with that except you can hit him and appear to do damage while not really doing any damage. Because of this I kept hitting him using an incorrect method for about 30 minutes, after which someone told me the correct method. What was the author thinking? *Sigh* The main problem that keeps this game from classic statues is that it is way to short. A pity the author had to rush it for the competition as this game could have turned out to be very good. It has some great ideas, for example if the game had been longer it could have greatly expanded on the absorbing elements item.


To sum it up, this game is a VERY poor man's Eternal Daughter. That is the best way to describe it. Worth downloading if you want to burn 45 minutes.


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