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Review: Red Feud
Author: Mark
Added: 29/10/2002

What a cracking game. Absolutly brillaint in every sense of the word. People say the graphics aren't really that good. Rubbish. They have a great cartoony feel to them, and the main character is funny.

The only thing is, this game may be a little to short. After beating the alst boss you get a percentage, how much of the game you have completed. I'll be going back to try and get 100 percent in a second see if anything good happens.

If you havn't downloaded this, do so now. I don't understand how this has ony got around 300 downloads, and Eternal Daughter has over a thousand. This is less than a MB! It will take you 2 minutes to download, and will keep you occupied for a good few hours.

Overall, Well done to the creator, even though i ahve to say I've never heard of "Being the Game" before. What a way to introduce ureself



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