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Review: Red Feud
Author: podius (Alan C)
Added: 21/10/2002

When I first saw the preview of this game, I actually thought it was going to suck because of the graphics, but after downloading this game, I actually started to like the art. It's has a unique way of "good art," kinda like yoshi's island for snes.

the music is incredible. it matched the backgrounds, and the boss song really gets me pumped. one of the best original compositions i've heard in the game.

this game doesn't just look and sound good, it plays well too. the boss battles are fun, and not too hard. the only problem with this game is that it is too easy (kinda like a reverse ED ) but i guess it is targeted to a different audience.

Another complaint I have with this game is that it is too short (i've played and beaten ED several times, this game is probably less than 1/8 of it)! I mean, it's not just somethign that bothers me, it really is too short. but then again, it was for the klik competition, which I too didn't think gave enough time. that's why i gave it a lower lastability score. i hope the creators will make a sequel or another similar game that would be longer than this.

-Alan Chen


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