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Review: Red Feud
Author: Crystal Clear (H.E.S)
Added: 25/10/2002

well i read all the other reviews on this game and i think about 1 out of 6 people said the graphics are great... well the graphics are brilliant mainly because this tgames graphics are original.

the graphics in this game are Fantastic, i was amazed by the Bosses attack Plans, and there Graphics.. also the Enemies had great graphics and each with a different style.
also there are many little things like in the castle you can spot tiny things like background objects out of Z2 and other little things like that. the way the creator made so much Detail is excellent.

the music is great with it matching with the moods and the stages of the game, im almost positive that the music is all Original,

GamePlay: well if i was going to put this in one word "Perfect". because thats what it is. with things like the umbrella were you can float, many other things which make this game "Perfect".

this game keeps you entertained but doesnt last you too long. although i havent even finished it YET....

in my Opinion this gam should of won the Daily Click comp. and also know it is the funniest Klik game ive ever Played!


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