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Review: Red Feud
Author: Jason A. Buividas
Added: 21/10/2002


Presentation starts off well for Red Feud, begining with a splended well designed cut scene, displaying some nice graphics. Then, For some odd reason graphics take a turn, and starts degrading itself the farther you trek onward into the game. All of a sudden midway through you start to notice good graphics here, bad graphics there, good graphics with bad animations, bad graphics with good animation... And all is in chaos. We call that no art consistency, meaning theres no set art style; which indeeds, enviably, hinders its presentation score a tad.

Good thing for Red Feud, presentation is not "just" how good the graphics look - its also how the game flows story wise, meaningful level setups, and how solid the engine is. The story is your basic, save the queen thing - theres not really much dialog depart from the intro, and i guess you can figure as much that the hero is trying anything possible to reach the castle and find the evil fend behind the plot. Its level setups are quite nice, and definitely took some time planing out. All the baddies are meaningful in their own little way, which were also added with care. The only problem with its engine was the sinking, meaning if you jumped and landed on the ground, you can actually see the auto fix.

Graphics: - 1 point(s)
Story: -1 point(s)
Level Design: -0 point(s)
Engine: -1 point(s)


What can I say? They actually pulled it off, for some reason or another this game is fun to play. It makes you think your on a grand adventure enraged to save your lil' pal. The baddies were well planned out, making difficulty curve above your average klik game. The Bosses were refreshing, having a pattern to figure out in order to defeat'em. The music was also great - it added atmosphere to the game, making it even more of a pleasing adventure. All in all, gameplay is where this baby shines!

Varied Baddies: -1 Point(s)
Bosses: -0 Point(s)
Music: -0 Point(s)
Control: -1 Point(s)


Short, and easy to beat. Itll keep you entertained for about as long as an average klik game.

Lastability: -5 Point(s)


Does this game compare to ED? Not a chance. Im tired of people talking trash about ED, its so blantly obvious that your jealous - embrace it for what it is and stop comparing it to the uncomparable. Overall, this game is a fun little adventure to embark on - definietly an above average klik game, and worth the download.

Overall: -4 Point(s)

Good work Folks!


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