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Author: Mårten Submitted: 8th October, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 187
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By Mårten on 10/10/2005

This game in particular is a pretty straightforward puzzle/stress-relief game where your sk33lz in fields like:

"color perception"
"super fast reflexes"
"moving the mouse around a lot"

will be thoroughly tested while you smack away at being the top high score holder at

More description:
This game takes the boolean gameplay of the NDS game Chokkan Hitofude and combines it with an implicit strategy based form of thinking which is similar to I don't know what.

You use the mouse. Panels flip as you move your avatar over them. Black or white arrows start moving over the play field, laying out mine-like shadows as they pass a corresponding panel. By triggering a mine-clad panel you can send the shadows flying towards their caster, hurting them and eventually destroying them. Rince and repeat, rack up a score like no other.

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Posted by The Chris Street 8th October, 2005

Can you give this a better description before it is accepted? :)
Posted by Mårten 10th October, 2005

No, probably not.
Posted by maVado 11th October, 2005

lol, not my type of game, too confusing
Posted by izac 11th October, 2005

Posted by X_Sheep 11th October, 2005

Chokkan Hitofude = Polarium yes?
Posted by Mårten 11th October, 2005

That is correct
Posted by Moonyjacob 11th October, 2005

(&) (&) () \____/
Posted by Zethell 11th October, 2005

natomic.. ?
Posted by Anders Linder-Norén 12th October, 2005

Are you from sweden? Mårten isn't very usual in other countries... Jag ska ladda ner det och testa lite senare.
Posted by Mårten 12th October, 2005

Where have you been Jonathan? Did something happen? Gör det.
Posted by Matt Boothman 12th October, 2005

My uncle's called Mårten and he's from Pakistan.
Posted by Fragasnap 12th October, 2005

This is really, really cool. :O
Posted by kjarom 12th October, 2005

Good programming, and it's really professional and stuff...a LITTLE confusing, but thumbs up! :)
Posted by Fragasnap 14th October, 2005

The help file goes through my mind really well, maybe it's just me though.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 15th October, 2005

To Quote sir Radix "I am entirely unable to play this game. I know what I have to do, it just doesn't click."
Posted by X_Sheep 16th October, 2005

It'd be cool to have a multiplayer mode in it. You know, where each player can only access part of the playfield and you launch red arrows at each other :P
Posted by Pexil 23rd October, 2005

Nice game- but I think the graphics need a few subtle touches- shade the squares, make a grey-ish cloudy background, ect.... These sorts of things would be best done in Photoshop or the Gimp.
Posted by Mårten 23rd October, 2005

If you get past level 10 the squares turn into naked ladies with breasts.
Posted by Brad  24th October, 2005

It's true, I saw it!





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