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-This game is part of the Click-Museum-

Game created by Fallen Angel

For Vista Users please run This Game In Adminstration mode only by right clicking the "commando" file and selecting "Run As Administrator" This will prevent the game from crashing

Controls for the game are included in the menu. There are three types of grenades, satchel charges which are thrown and detonated with Z, napalm on X and high explosive on C. These are collected throughout the game. You can also collect weapons which are accessed on the number keys. They have unlimited ammunition.

Select New Game to start a new game. At the start, you will have only access to the Jungle mission. As you get to the other two missions they will be unlocked. If you quit the game and come back, you can choose continue to start where you left off. But if you lose all your lives and get a game over, you will have to start a new game at the beginning of the chapter, minus all the weapons you previously collected.

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Posted by Matthew Wiese 21st May, 2009
Rated :

Real fun! Great gfx and good engine. I especially like the ai so that they fight each other.
Posted by markno2 21st May, 2009
Rated :

This is probably my favourite klik game.
Posted by BeamSplashX 23rd May, 2009

I remember the music from the demo. That was some rockin' MIDI.
Posted by Hayo 27th May, 2009

I remember this.
Posted by Tomssuli 18th March, 2010

Hmm... those graphics remind of an older commando game... a bionic one it was.





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