Wow what a year! 2006 proved to be just as good as we wanted it to be. With the release of MMF 2 and a whole lot of quality games coming in, wow. But the year was not of course with its drama. Lets start our journey into 2006 it was one heck of a year.

Lots of classic games where released in 2006, lets start the year with some outstanding games that where released at the beginning of 2006....

Mina of the Pirates...

First in january came the shocking news that the highly awaited game "Mina of the Pirates" was never to be released. Creator ZeroTau moved on to new projects. He let me know of the reasons: "It was a combination of having worked on it too long knowing I could make something so much better after those years, not being satisfied with the lack of variety and realizing I am not capable of something so large on my own. But most of all, MMF refused to ever work well if I even tried to put together half of the 300+ frames into one application. Any action took a few seconds, and saving and opening the file took more than 2 minutes, sometimes 5. In the end, some of the applications with scattered frames in them don't even work anymore. I think it is related to the music." 

ZeroTau would then go on and create Noitu Love and the Army of Grinning Darns Earning itself 98 tumbs up and lots of praise. Dc User Odin wrote the following glowing review about the game: In my opinion, this is a shining example of not just the Klik community, but indie gaming in general. While the lack of levels and repetitiveness does this game no favors, the way the pieces fit together creating something purely beautiful. Not since Eternal Daughter have we seen an indie game so complete. 9/10..

Lyle in Cube Sector 

Bogo47 brought us another outstanding game back in january called Lyle in Cube Sector. Another classic game and people loved it. Del Duio wrote the following about the game in his review: Lyle in Cube Sector is a fantastic NES-style game that capitalizes on FUN, FUN, FUN! I seriously doubt anyone from The Daily Click wouldn't be able to get past it's retro look and give this game the respect it deserves. For this classic to get anything less than a 9 or 10 would be an insult. 

I'm Ok!
Derek Yu released I'm Ok back in February. For Jack Thompsons Penny Arcade Challenge. Where he would pay $10,000 to a charity if someone would make a game where you would kill game developer companies - After the game was released Thompson has told that the press that the challenge was meant for a commercial game company.  Not only did "Im Ok" win GOTW for that week it got lots of press to. 

The New SatanSam 

Jay White also released the new SatanSam game. It was a huge success and got many highly praised comments and reviews. Here is a piece from a review Dogzer wrote: You have to play this game. If you are collecting all the good daily click games, put this with the others because it's worth the disk space. It's not perfect, so when you play it don't espect to be floored with it's awesomeness, but if you play it expecting it to be like most games you see here, you are in for a surprise! 

The Community on Teletext

March saw the community spilling over into the TV in the U.K where some of the games where displayed on TeleText. Dc's own admin Circy wrote it and posted it on the front page including pictures! Also the Daily click was mentioned. For anyone wondering what the heck a teletext is our very own Phredreeke wrote the answer: For the Americans, Teletext is a series of text based pages transmitted on an unused portion of an analog tv signal, or alongside a digital tv signal. You enter a page number between 100-899 on your remote, and then the tv waits for the chosen page to be broadcast, and then it's shown. Depending on the amount of pages broadcast, speed varies. 

The Return of the Total Klik

We also saw the Total Klik returning at the beginning of 2006 under the helm of Podunkian, he managed to keep the site going into 2007. Podunkian also interviewed Hamish when they first opened up. Hamish moved from clicking into the real shareware gaming industry. Its still well worth a read and can be found right here. 

The Return of the Click-Zine (version 1)

April saw the return of the Click-zine. It would turn out that there would only be 1 update for a while there. Clickzine was created by Flava and he and the members that contributed did a fantastic job on the first issue. The team on the first issue included: Flava, Johan Hargne, Chris Street, and Lazarus.  However since the current setup was not really update friendly so it was put on hold and Flava went back into background hard at work what soon would be the final "blog type" version of the clickzine but more news on that later.  The first issue however (featuring an interview yours truly can still be found here

April also saw the beginning of the ClickWiki site. A Wiki that users could update with info on clickteam products. According to the clickWiki team:  "The ClickWiki covers basically anything and everything a Clicker could want to know about Clicking. The ClickWiki is independent of Clickteam, however its ideas and articles come from you and various forums related to Clickteam products."The ClickWiki is still being updated and also comes in a French and Polish version

Cave Jumper, Swarm Of Smiths finds & A Deep Forest find audience.

Something interesting happened with the game Cave Jumper created by Knpmaster. It actually found a publisher after the freeware version was released. While this upset some people we here at the dc where still happy for knpmaster for having his outstanding game for sale.

And also lets not forget Within a Deep Forest  created by Nicklas_N  At the time the game got reviewed by: Renkin. He had the following to say about Within a deep forest: Simply put, a piece of great gaming art. Not without room for improvement, but still about as perfect as anything else I've seen here. When the final is over (which is maybe the coolest part of the game, in almost every aspect), it leaves you wanting more. Within a Deep Forest is easily on my "top-ten-or-around-there" list of favorite klik games ever, along with Lyle in Cube Sector, Eternal Daughter and a few more.

Honorable mention goes to the "Swarm Of Smiths" game released in April and created by JustinC, it was a fast quick paced action game that managed to get itself lots of downloads and positive comments. 

The Summer of MMF 2!!

Ohhh what a great summer it was. The first news of a possible mmf 2 released came in back in June where we posted the following news item for a possible release of mmf 2. Possible mmf 1 customers where told not to order version 1 anymore but to hold on for version 2. A couple of days later we got the official word that mmf 2 would be released on June 30th. Then of course it snowballed and the whole site was getting hyper actively excited about mmf 2. I interviewed Jeff Vance from clickteam for a very nice interview where he talked about the background of clickteam. 

And then on June 30th yes MMF 2 was released! Clickteams website was transformed and the mmf 2 demo was up for download. Of course we posted a huge front page news item about it. We declared June 30th MMf 2 day. Some people might even remember the huge clock we uploaded to the front page for the release of mmf 2. The picture later got changed but the big news item can still be found here.  This news item got one of the most comments we got for a front page news item i can tell ya:) 

26 min DC Game Making Compo! & Kings Quest Remake

While the dust started to settle after mmf 2's big release, game making continued including a very fun DC 26 minute compo, where some people decided how a game would turn out if they only had 26 minuets to make it. The compilation even managed to snag a gotw! You can still download them right here.  The Description followed: Cook a pizza. Complete a frame of snooker with a friend. Have a shower. Watch an episode of the Simpsons. Make four astoundingly good games... What do these all have in common? Well all of them take 26 minutes to complete. That's right, folkles, the boys on the #TDC channel bring you the "#TDC 26 Minutes Compo Compilation". 

Also a big mention goes to the Kings Quest Remake created by Broomy in june. It won gotw and got lots of great comments and hey you got to love adventure games! And who could forget the big game Paul Jeffries was working on called Zoom Man  Unfortunately his laptop got stolen and the game got lost forever.

Making a great video game huge articles!

July saw the release of a bunch of very detailed and very well written articles on how to make a great video game. After all was said and done 6 huge articles where written. Going into great details of most aspects of game making. The articles where written by: highlyflammable

Here is the introduction part of the article for your reading enjoyment: Geniuses like Shigeru Miyamoto seem to be few and far between as games are developed by people who can create massive 3D models that come out of the TV and dance in your living room – but fail to understand what makes a video game fun. I have broken this article into pieces for two reasons: One is that you don’t have to read an extensive piece all in the one hit. The second is it gives you time to digest the information and appreciate it. Some sections will overlap because often one leads to another. So in no particular order – here is the first 4 things you need to consider when making a great video game! 

2 deaths in the community

Near the end of july we also learned that Darran Baker A.K.A Death Reaper X died at 22. The community was in shock since he was a popular clicker in the community and most of us knew him well. Near the end of the year we also learned that Ryan Mercer (aka Novasoft) died in November.

Time for a new Admin

In august began the search for a new admin! Exciting time indeed since this does not happen often around the daily click. Folks where able to send there application on why they should be the next new Admin. After lots and lots of applications there it was narrowed down to only a few. Then all the admins voted and decided that Flava should be our new Admin. We wrote: "He has a great community spirit, from creating the new clickzine, to working on the dc online game, writing excellent articles and having experience in running sites he is now our new admin! Please give him some congrats here in the comments section." His first introduction news post soon followed. 

Admin says goodbye

September was the month where 1 of our fellow admins said goodbye. Pete Nattress said goodbye. This is what he wrote: "Hello folks, I've been pretty busy recently and to be honest I've just drifted away from both clicking and this site. Which is a shame I guess, but the time to move on must come eventually, and I had a few fun years here learning a lot both about programming and dealing with online communities. I apologize for not logging in before now to tell you all, but I don't think I shall be coming back in the foreseeable future. Thanks to all you guys for running this great site; I know you all put in more effort than I ever did and it shows in the quality of this place. I wish you all every success in the future. So long and thanks for all the fish! Pete " Pete we still miss ya, if you ever read this drop us a line will ya?:) Click here to read Pete's very first News Post on the tdc!

MMF 2 gets competition
Also in september news got to us that Dc visitor Tigerworks had created his own company. They where working on a new piece of software that could rival Clickteam's MMF. Many replied to the news, but we will have to patiently wait and see how it will turn out. 

Gwerdy chat for Clickteam wins gotw!
Andrew created a new chat client in september that was integrated with the clickteam forums and worked perfectly, it was so good that it even won gotw!

Chris Davis releases: Spuds Quest

After many years, months and weeks, Chris Davis finally released his classic game:Spuds Quest Dc visitor Pulsecode had the following to say about the game: Better late than never! What a game! I always loved this style of game, and this in my opinion improves in every way! Little things like getting stunned by falling too far or being able to grab and pull up on slightly higher platforms to the wonderful music mixing between areas really add to it! Well, for me anyway! :^D  It's like a proper updated Dizzy!! Wonders will never cease! Chris D, you are a saint (or at the very least some form of god ;^p ) 

The Clickzine is back!

At the beginning of November and after lots of work Flava announced the return of the ClickZine. This time in blog format featuring reviews and previews. And you know what? It worked out perfectly. And is still up and running today at clickzine.net

Teh Forum Game 

November was also the month that brought us Teh Forum game created by Jonathan Smeby. Jonathan always famous for his unique style got lots of positive comments on this one. Jonathan was quoted saying: "Yeh I sorta wanted it to be not hard, cause mainly I wanted people to see this idea of making levels based on forums and everyone's different levels. Some were harder before but usually frustratingly hard." 

TDC Christmas Compo 2006!

Indeed it was the time for celibrations and The Christmas Compo 2006! setup this year by Admin Shab. The compo got its own page on the site and very cool prices where to be won. At the time of writing the winner was still unknown.

Klik-Me: Last Admin say's goodbye

If you have been following the timeline or if you just remember Klik-Me has been a community site that's been around for a while unfortunately 2006 year was the year where its last updating member Jimbob said goodbye. His last news post contained the following words: " I really don't have time for this. It's not really helping anybody, it's not really going anywhere, and time is just being wasted when I could be doing better things. I'm going to be traveling for the next three months with variable online time so I guess there's no point dragging it on any further. I'm not leaving the community, in fact, if you want to chat just add me on MSN (jimbobriley) and I probably will (again, if I'm actually online). I'm still making and designing games and playing them and probably won't ever stop. Hope you've at least found any of the news articles useful or interesting as at least I know some of you bothered enough to comment. Well cheers."

AGwaK2: Darkside Adventures 

In november the first mmf 2 games started to come in and Bernie exploded his game on the community with AGwaK2: Darkside Adventures a new platform game in the style of the mario games. A real winner of a game and made with mmf 2. Fellow classic game creator ZeroTau replied to: "The game is great. A masterpiece from a klik-perspective. And wasting stars isn't actually a problem, because whenever you NEED stars you can always get them. And Bernie, don't tone down any language, it's what gives the game its feel! Leave everything as-is, shnook-ums."

And on december first the polish click e-zine called slimaczek, turned 1 year old, they are now up to number 9. Not only is it just a polish news site they even have downloads and a forum. Pretty good for the polish click community there, hopefully they will have many more issues to come. Also not to forgot another international community website called ClickMag If you know the French language its well worth checking out.

And that concludes our TimeLine for 2006. I hope you enjoyed it, what a great year it has been. With so many news events and classic games being released i wonder if 2007 could ever top it, we will find out next year.. Until Then..  Happy New Year!

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