You can easily say that 1995 was the starting year of our community. 1995 brought us a site called: Silky's. It was made by this friendly lady called: Pat Jennings. She wanted to make a site to learn html and decided that she made a site about and for klik&play. When the site was done she gave the link to europress and they placed it on there site. With Silky's site people could finally show there games to other users. This was also possible on maxi's own klik&play site but for some reason more and more people started to post there games at silky's site. Pat Jannings also made her own Board where people could talk about Klik&play. She called this board: The Wall. People talked about everything there and not just about game creation but we will get to that later on.

 Silky's was of course not the only site that was created and many more followed. One of those was: The Rikus Kras home page. Rikus just got his internet connection that year, and after surfing for a while he decided that he also wanted to make his own site. He made the Rikus Kras home page. A  small site that contained cheats for lucasarts games, some info about duke nukem and user levels for warcraft 2. There was also a small section about this little program called: Klik&play. His site had about 4 hits every day (3 hits where from his own, trying to check if someone already looked at his site) Everything went normal that year, and people where trying to learn the how the heck klik&play worked.

* Ps by clicking on the links you will go back in time and you can see the actual old websites.

* Text: Rikus