The Beginning...

1988 - François Lionet, later known as the co-founder of the Clickteam, wrote STOS basic for the AtariST. It became the first programming language dedicated to creating computer games.

1990 - STOS was rewritten for the Amiga, and dubbed 'AMOS'. These languages became the foundation for creative community that spun across the globe, prior to public internet access.

1994 - Klik & Play, the first in a series of design environments for the windows platform, created by the group that is later to be known as the clickteam is released

New Software: Klik&Play

This is the year where everything started. Klik&Play was released in Europe and the USA. Europress software took the job of publishing Klik&play and Maxis did the same thing for the USA. People then started to learn the software and discovered that it was really easy to make games with it. Magazines started to review the software and so did Pc-Format. Around this time Europress also made there own klik&play page with some links on it. One of these links would proof to be really special. Its name? Silky...

* Text: Borg and Rikus


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