1996 the year where things where click sites started to become bigger and more people became involved in the community. 1996 was also the year where Corel's Click& Create and  The Games Factory where released. It was a exciting year filled with surprises...

Corel Click & Create

It was the sequel to Klik&play and the prequel to Multi Media Fusion, let me introduce you: Click&Create. The interface looked a bit like the one in multimedia fusion with less features. Corel did its best to promote it and it got great reviews (read 1 original review here) but it did not attracted the sales corel wanted from it. One of the reasons might have been the price.  Click&create was sold for: 695,- US dollars folks. That's right. Corel did create some nice tutorials for cnc on there website. You can still find those here.


The Games Factory

The folks at clickteam knew that something had to be done, click and create was not selling that well but the software itself was great something had to change. Clickteam decided to team up again with Europress. The same folks that published Klik&Play. The Games Factory was born, this piece of software released at the end of 1996 was basicaly a different version of clickncreate with a better and easier interface for a much lower price. The Games Factory was an instant hit. Click on the picture on your right for a bigger version to see one of the Advertisements Europress published in magazines.

#k&p (Text by Borg)

Rikus Kras founded the first click chat channel. It was called #k&p but was located on efnet, another Irc network. A couple of month later, numerous people had taken a liking to the concept of a live chat for clickers. A regular on #k&p on efnet, called Havoc, decided to create a similar channel on a popular irc network, that provided more services than EFNET. That channel became #k&p on Dalnet (11/14/1996 23:41:56 GMT). Due to the superior nature of the dalnet network, regulars moved from #k&p on efnet to #k&p dalnet, and the #k&p channel on dalnet became the most popular clicker chat.

Community site: Silky's and its games.

1996 was a great year for the first community site silky's. Many games where submitted and the communtiy forum called "The Wall" was doing very well. One of the games submitted created by David Willis called: Walkerton proofed to be a huge hit in the community in 1996, the game's graphics where also amazing. Silky's was also the site where Rikus submitted its first game called, the adventures of Romeo and Locked 1.Click on this link to look at the descriptions of those games including walkerton'a funny description.