1999, the year where our clickteam really started to get going with its own website, where the click cafe was still going strong and the year where community site the ap-zone said goodbye and the very first daily click version said hello...

The makers of klik&play and all of its related products made there official website in end of 1998/ beginning of 1999. It was a nice website updated by: Jeff. Clickteam also got its very own forum and many people started to visit it because now that silky's was gone there was not a "real official online" gathering place except for the oamu wall. The picture on your left is the clickteam forum back in 1999. The oamu wall was basically a copy from silky's wall when silky's site went down. The wall now maintained by Christian from oamu.com still had some visitors.

* IMSI who was now publishing Multi Media fusion dropped the product. Clickteam was now looking for a new publisher and was thinking to let europress take over. Eventually they decided to just publish and sell it themselves.

Community Site: The Click Cafe (2nd year)

The click cafe was also becoming really popular. It had many sections like featured download and featured member and a gallery section, there where also special sections for Dark Basic users and Jamagic Users. On your left you see how the site used to look like. Because the site was automated it allowed people to see there downloads quicker and the site gained popularity because of it. Another community site called the ap-zone who did not have an automated feature suffered because of this and its visitors rate was dropping....

Goodbye Ap-zone

When the ap-zone closed this was the last msg Rikus wrote on january 24 1999: Dear visitors of the ap-zone, after 5 years of being online i have decided to close down this site. Its been a joy working on it but there is a time for everything, and i think its best for everyone that i close it down now. Thank you for visiting this site and i will keep it online so you can look around in the archives. 

New Community site: Daily Click (v0.1)

After the ap-zone Rikus found out that even with the ap-zone he still had an urge to create a new site and help improve the click community. The very first daily click was born...The very first daily click was basically a static html site that was updated with news, reviews and articles and some of the ideas used in that first version would form the basis for the second database driven version. 

In other News...

Game making company Vreal was still going strong in 1999 with releasing games and they had a nice site redesign back then. Click on the picture on your left for a bigger view. 

* The great sprite artist David Willis also left the click community in 1999 and never returned. He now makes comics online at:  itswalky.com

* Pete released a site of his own called Pete's TGF zone, it had a lot of content. Pete was an unrecognized klik god. Home of Brafud 
the Brave. As you can see on the picture to your left the site had a nice design. You can also click on the picture for a larger view.

* Another site that was also released in 1999 was Klik Country. Like Pete's TGF zone it also had lots of content, news, and it even had a joke page. On the picture below you see how it looked and if you click on it you can see a bigger view of it.