Things where not looking good for the silky site. Other sites where doing a bit better like the Ap-Zone and the Magical Realm created by Kevin Smets. Despite the many flames the wall was still used to talk about games and other good things. Things started to look a bit better when other people helped silky out by updating her site with new games but then faith struck and silk's harddrive got wiped with all her games on it. I got this e-mail from Pat Jennings creator of silky's: Hey Rikus Yea, apparently it died.  Talked to Gene the other day, he was gonna try to recover what he could, naturally - our commercial clients come before our own personal sites. Right now, I have no idea if Silky's can be recovered or not.  I have backup for a bit of it, but not all by any means - last I looked, with the files...it was over 500 meg. Anyway, the way things had deteriorated around there the last few months, perhaps not such a bad thing. It was up nearly 3 years - that is really quite old for a website. I do have my server at webtoys that I'll be moving my old clients onto, if Gene can't get his act together, but I won't be putting another Silky's up for K&P if Gene can't recover the old disk. I think it served it's purpose well, and should probably rest in peace. And so it did. The original Silky site never came back and then people had to find a new site.

There where also 2 klik&play community's The Silky community and the AOL community. Because i did not have AOL i better let this part be explained by someone else.

Multi Media Fusion
1998 was also the year of Multimedia fusion, the bigger brother of click&create and the games Factory, the program had a lot more power behind it then click&create did but its marketing success was limited due to poor distribution by IMSI.  IMSI also rushed Clickteam to release it early, and as such some unwanted bugs were present.  Patches went into Beta testing but IMSI delayed in authorizing any of them.  When Clickteam.com arrived at the start of 1999 they released them as beta patches and when IMSI ignored MMF completely they became official. The release of MMF also saw the development of a new kind of web site, called the Fusion Programmers Guild.  It was dedicated soley to expanding knowledge and promoting quality in MMF games and applications.  The guild has one of the largest diverse collection of example files, all of which can still be downloaded today.

The Click Cafe
Meet Jonty, a nice guy who wanted to create a new klik site. He did and he called it: The click Cafe. The click Cafe was first uploaded to the ap-zone server. 3 weeks later Jonty was contacted by Sean from 3ee.com. Sean asked jonty if he was interested in moving the click cafe to the 3ee.com server. Sean was very good in the CFM scripting language and the click cafe could profit from that. They worked on it for a while and the new click cafe was born. The Click Cafe was so special because everyone could upload there game to the site and the maker of the game could check how many time his game got downloaded and he could also read reviews about his game that other users made. The Click Cafe was a big hit. The Ap-Zone however did not have this automated system and they had to update the site by hand. Rikus did not know it at that time but the beginning of the new click cafe would mean the end of the Ap-Zone.....

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