2000 the new millennium, this is the year where part of the community started to crumble. With the Ap-zone gone and the click cafe started to have problems things did not look good for community sites. It was not all bad because on the upside of things the official clickteam site finally started to get bigger and better.

The Return Of The Community Sites - TFGF/Klikkety Klik

Let me introduce Andi Smith, a great guy with a pasion for click, programming and having fun. Back in 2000/2001 he introduced TFGF, a brand new community site that was updated with news from around the community. Andi himself will tell how it all started: In November 2000 I met Ranmaguy who told me that, together with Nobuyuki, they were starting up 83rd Stasis - a games company to rival the almighty Virtually Real. The company actually only ever released 1 game and was nothing more than a glorified blog. But I owe Ranmaguy everything as he taught me ASP. Myself and Chris Davis (TK) were given the opportunity to have our sites hosted on the 83rdStasis server. Of which we jumped at the opportunity and in December, both sites were moved to the 83rd Stasis server. The TFGF/TK battle continued and kept the community constantly updated as myself and Chris raced each other for every snippet of news. Also you can click on the picture for a bigger view.

Clickteam & Vitalize
At the start of January 2000, Jeff had an idea to revive his successful Vitalize! arcade, one of the first (and few) on the Internet.  This time he decided to put a twist into it by allowing the game to post a high score to the web server for everyone to compete against. The first game was a converted KnP classic.  Jeff asked Andy H for a game, and up went VitalSplatt.  From that point on, Jeff and Andy H built up the arcade! covering two versions with many value added features that drew in large numbers of recorded game plays.  Around March, the web host that supplied the arcade! web space pulled the plug due to 'excessive downloads' from the file base in the Fusion Programmers Guild which was also hosted by Jeff. It was not until some months later that a new, improved arcade! was released, now known as v-cade!  This is still running successfully and has many vitalize! games.

* In the same year Clubsoft also released a vitalized based website called Club's Cade. The site was a rival to V-Cade, the site also did really well for a while there. You can click on the picture for a bigger view of the site.

* 2000 also saw Jeff taking a stronger role in Clickteam, when he was asked to become their official web master.  Jeff has implemented many  improvements to the 'Clickteam experience'.

The Fall of The click Cafe
There where so many bad games at the cafe that the good games never got the attention they deserved. Chris saw this and made a new site called: Total Klik where he got to choose the games that got on his site. On your left you see the 2000 version of the total klik, wow:) Also you can click on the picture to see a bigger version.

At the end of 2000 the server that was hosting the click cafe was suddenly gone. The People where stunned. Sean said they they should have a new server up in no time but to this day the click cafe is still gone......

The Click Convention

Back at the clickteam forum people started to talk about how it would be great to meet eachother and talk about clickteam's new project called: Jamagic. The very first Click Convention was held in Kings Langley (London UK) in 2000 (Saturday 16th September). Though it was a UK based convention, we had users from different countries turning up, people came from France, Holland and Argentina, the rest were obviously from the UK.