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A Game with a Kitty
Author: bernie[FA] Submitted: 22nd June, 2005 Favourites:5
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 969
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Edited By bernie[FA] on 6/22/2005

Hay guys, I made a game! It's my first release.

I'll simply post what I posted over at

The game is a simple platformer, in the style of snes/genesis games. It's sort of small, only took 2 weeks to make. An average player may need an hour at most to finish it.

I'm not completely happy with the game and Multimedia Fusion didn't behave very well quite a often.
Because of that, I couldn't add additional control keys, so the game uses Eternal Daughter's control scheme for now (shift/ctrl/arrows/enter). This will change as soon as I figure out how to fix a certain extension-related problem.

About the game:

-It's called 'A Game with a Kitty'
-It's a platformer
-It's 13 frames short
-Has a save feature
-It's a mix of Mario and Metroid
-It's quite cute and also suitable for younger players
-Doesn't have a proper story
-Was made without any planning at all

Even if it is just a shortie, I still hope you'll enjoy it.

Hint: The game is fairly open-ended, but do always try to collect as much money as possible. If you're at a loss in the beginning, visit Solicia Hills.

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Posted by izac 26th June, 2005

Finding webspace is hard!:( i've tried to many times!:(
Posted by Hayo 26th June, 2005

Yeah life must be hard being a retarded fluff. Now go to like master Phizzy told you and upload your stuff.
Posted by bernie[FA] 26th June, 2005

Thanks for the review, Hayo! ^^ Aaron: Just go to Solicia Hills and you'll find the right way.
Posted by Dr. James MD 26th June, 2005

no worries U.2, if your games are as good as you say they are then ill host you for nothing. unlimited space and all that. just say the word ill have you an account up in 24 hours
Posted by Cazra 26th June, 2005

Just out of curiousity, what games are the midis from? I liked the music in the game.
Posted by pulsecode 27th June, 2005

Well, i know the Solicia Hills tune is from Brave Fencer Musashi (PS1, Squaresoft) and a great tune it is too! Ah, Bernie, this game just gets better and better! Are the "pop" sfx from Klonoa? they certainly sould like it... but i might also be insane.
Posted by CYS 27th June, 2005

I've been waiting for anyone asking how to get past tower 2, but couldn't find any. Looks like i'm the only one who don't know. :P I have running, charge and climb, how do i past through the HUGE pit?
Posted by Cazra 27th June, 2005

You need the glide ability. You get it in the lakes.
Posted by CYS 27th June, 2005

Lake... and i thought i've scanned through the whole area. Thanks!
Posted by izac 28th June, 2005

You would really do that for me jimmi?:)
Posted by renkin 29th June, 2005

This game really is great. I love the secrets you need to come back to.
Posted by renkin 29th June, 2005

There, reviewed. Great work, Bernie. :)
Posted by Spram 29th June, 2005

Woo! Excellent game. I love the color palette and this is fun too. A little on the difficult side though. I'll give it a chance.
Posted by CYS 30th June, 2005

I found a bug, a VERY SMALL bug at tower 2, the area where there's a big cannon which can shoot rockets from 3 areas. When you pause the game, the cannon will still continue to move and shoot rockets, but the rockets will just pass through you.
Posted by bernie[FA] 30th June, 2005

Ohh! Bad. Gonna fix, thanks!
Posted by renkin 1st July, 2005

Anyone got 20/20 bags yet?
Posted by bernie[FA] 1st July, 2005

I've uploaded a new version that shows how many bags you've collected per level, and how many are hidden in it.
Posted by Ecstazy 2nd July, 2005

Nice game, but the music in the cave in the beginning can be really annoying.
Posted by Bibin 4th July, 2005

greatest... click... game... ever!
Posted by Ted Boomerang 4th July, 2005

okay, question: I can't figure out what to do once I get to the moon. am I supposed to try and use the star guy as a platform? because I can't think of a way to get up there.
Posted by bernie[FA] 4th July, 2005

Once again, thanks for the comments! ^^ Ted - In Windy Whiskers you were taught a new move, you'll need to use it here. Press left or right when next to a wall to hold on to it, then press up or down to climb.
Posted by Sashman15 8th July, 2005

Lol, awesome game, nearly perfect engine, nice.
Posted by shockedfrog 9th July, 2005

The bag in Kicas Town seems to always respawn, and the Kicas Town bag counter always reads 0/1. Picking up the bag increases the total bags collected counter though - I haven't tested if it can go above 20.
Posted by Ted Boomerang 11th July, 2005

oh, I just used that ability to wall jump because I thought that's what it was supposed to do. Durrrrr
Posted by Airflow 11th July, 2005

I win! The whole game was funny. X) The graphics left me in awe. Without cheating, I got 19 bags. Is the last one earned by that Kicas town glitch?
Posted by bernie[FA] 12th July, 2005

Damn bugs. I've uploaded a fixed version now. EFD, make sure you have the latest version that shows the bag count for each level on the world map. It'll show you were the last bag is.
Posted by mojofltr 12th July, 2005

Wow! I don't post here very often, but I had to drop in and tell you that this thing is great! ;)
Posted by david-clarke 13th July, 2005

i can't get the fairy in solicia hills to talk to me,even though i have 100+ coins
Posted by bernie[FA] 13th July, 2005

Stand to the left or right of her and press up to talk to her. fojomrtl - thanks! :)
Posted by PinkLlama 13th July, 2005

brilliant game!! I dont usually like platform games, but this one has a real hook: Kittey! I was playing this game so long my eyes felt really funny, and it had suddenly gone from 8:00 to 10:15!! Great occupier; great game; Great job!! Thanks, and keep up the good work!
Posted by Gerwin Kramer 15th July, 2005

the animations are the best thing. very very good game only thing I dont like is the music in the orange cave.
Posted by david-clarke 15th July, 2005

Posted by PinkLlama 16th July, 2005

Help Me! I am really stuck! I know all you game wizzs r gonna laugh at me because you completed the game in like 2 hours, but anyway, I am stuck on the second tower, you know the bit with the long tunnel with the funny spikey balls, and the floor that goes down when you touch it. Do you need a new power to cross this (I have glide, charge and run)?? I don't know what to do! <14 years old and shite at games>
Posted by bernie[FA] 16th July, 2005

Run, jump and glide all the time, that'll get you across. :)
Posted by taco ( Crobasoft ) 18th July, 2005

Great color choices.
Posted by Lukas Hägg 20th July, 2005

This is one of the best klik games I've ever played, seriuously. The kitty is just too cool. ^^
Posted by PinkLlama 13th August, 2005

thanks! I'll try harder!
Posted by Silverdrake [Draconianware] 27th August, 2005

Yay for kittys!
Posted by 848695 13th October, 2005

Really awesome game, I love it. Excellent art. Thanks for that game.
Posted by en kerro 5th December, 2005

It's very good game, BUT climbing is very hard and annoying... it sometimes just doesn't climb. But otherwise thumbs up.
Posted by en kerro 7th December, 2005

And where is the last bag in ALIBALA HEIGHTS? I have seen it, but I have to find a door what leads there... help!
Posted by Airflow 22nd December, 2005

Thanks for that. I think it was fun. Some constructive critisisim is what I like to give but I got almost nothing. It would be able to sell on the gameboy market if it was exposed enough and I don´t dought that it would get recognition. However, it is a bit short playwise for that kind of market. How do you think about other types of games you have made if any?

There is a time and place for everything, but should you consider going deeper into the vast sea of computer code?
Posted by bernie[FA] 28th December, 2005

Thanks for the comments! :3

Perttu T.: That one is tricky! Find something door-shaped near the bag in question.

EFD: Kitty was meant to be short. I'm just having fun here, hobby etc. I'll probably keep making smaller freeware games for a few years. Only when I keep things small I manage to finish them. I still need to learn how to stick with my projects until the end before tackling something bigger.
Posted by TheoX 10th November, 2006

This is a cool game (and an old one), but I hope someone is still looking here, because I need HELP! I'm in the beginning area with the four areas (not including the save point) including the town, cave, solicia heights (or whatever it's called), and some other level... anyway, I've got all the bags I can see, but I have no idea what to do. Help?
Posted by TheoX 10th November, 2006

Nevermind! I tried pressing random buttons near the genie and she actually said something to me! So, now I'm currently at the first boss fight.
Posted by alex37 4th December, 2006

I just finished Kitty, and I can't belive that only took you two weeks...(compliment). It was just challenging enough, and extremely addictive. My favorite aspect is your's stupid and hilarious at the same time. "Go Fat kitty"'s ingenious.
Posted by viva/volt 4th January, 2008
Rated :

One of my favourite games to this date
Posted by erghhhhx 9th March, 2008
Rated :

This is truly amazing...
Posted by club stoic. 27th September, 2008
Rated :

Posted by Muz 9th November, 2008
Rated :

This game is evil because it took only 2 weeks to make. Despite being like a typical platformer, it's fun!






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