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Skyhammer (Abandonware)
Author: bernie[FA] Submitted: 23rd July, 2006 Favourites:1
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 567

Edited By bernie[FA] on 7/23/2006

SKYHAMMER v0.41101b or something like that

Ah, unfinished games. I have lots of them. And they all will never be finished, oh no they won't! Just like Skyhammer.

What's one of these 'Skyhammer' things, you may find yourself asking? Well, it's a platformer I started ages ago and never finished. So, instead of letting it sit on my HD until it grows a beard and dies, I thought 'why not upload the thing?' So here we go!

Skyhammer features:

-A custom movement
-Castlevania/Metroid style progression
-'Looks like TG16 or maybe Sega Megadrive Graphics'-graphics
-A bunch of moves, but only 2 in the demo.
-2 bosses and 3 minibosses
-A save system
-Music from the internet you'll probably recognize


Use SHIFT/CTRL (or X/C) and ENTER to play. ESC probably quits the game, and even if it doesn't, ALT+F4 will surely do the trick. Standing next to people and pressing UP will let you talk to them.

Have fun.

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Posted by The Chris Street 24th July, 2006

NOOOO! You abandoned it!
Posted by Ski 24th July, 2006

what lovely graphics , this is a shame
Posted by RenatoDep 24th July, 2006

That's beautiful! It reminds me of the Rain Forest in Brazil lol You shouldn't abandon this!
Posted by Ski 24th July, 2006

dammit i just played and i love it the blue goblins are precious
Posted by RenatoDep 24th July, 2006

Dude, this has alot of potential!! Don't abandon it!!
Posted by steve 24th July, 2006

This is gorgeous. Great custom movement, nice pace, love the multi-paralax - it adds alot to the atmosphere.

I am a big fan of metroid/castlevania sotn style games.

As everyone else is saying: PLEASE DONT ABANDON IT!

Posted by Fifth 24th July, 2006

Wow... you're abandoning this? There's so much potential... may I ask why?

Oh, and kudos for providing an alternative to jumping with shift. Joy2key compatability is very rare among click games.
Posted by Brovic 24th July, 2006

First post from me and that's also to ask you not to abandon it. It is really beautiful and the conception is excellent.
Posted by bernie[FA] 24th July, 2006

Thanks for the comments. I haven't worked on it for well over a year and can't get myself to finish it.... not something this old.
Posted by Ski 24th July, 2006

surely all these positive comments inspire you again?
Posted by Evil-Ville 24th July, 2006

Stop talking shit and finish it.
Posted by Nev6502 24th July, 2006

Amazing game. Great work.
Posted by 24th July, 2006

It was JESUS and his GOAT!
Posted by renkin 24th July, 2006

I love your talking animations.

Nice game, by the way. Solid gameplay and neat graphics. Reminds me of Kitty in many ways. I'm just waiting for you to make a platform adventure with a solid (less purely humorous) storyline/world to really bring forth the atmosphere. All of your games are great, but that would've been gold. As little as I've played of this game so far, it seemed promising in that aspect at first, but kinda fell over the edge when the guardian started speaking.

Anyway, cool. A shame you abandoned it, and so forth.
Posted by Spiriax 25th July, 2006

This smells "A Game with a Kitty"-style. Your style is really recognizable Bernie. And of course the style of grapics is great!
Gonna play this now.
Posted by Blueberry_pie 25th July, 2006

Excellent game... love the graphics.
Can't seem to defeat (or even damage) the statue boss though. Or is that the part where you abandoned the game?
Posted by hishnak 25th July, 2006

ahh! the hammer delay is killing me! and no attacking when jumping!? Other than that, cool game.
Posted by steve 25th July, 2006

You get a jump attack after defeating one of the bosses. It also allows you to spin around and reach further places when you jump.

Posted by gustav 25th July, 2006

this game sucks, bernie. make a new one.
Posted by bernie[FA] 25th July, 2006

Game too old; not gonna work on it anymore.

The statue boss is beatable... I forgot how, however. I think you have to wait for a special move the boss does, or something.
Posted by Chrisbo 25th July, 2006

Cool little game. What ever happened to FA?
Posted by bernie[FA] 25th July, 2006

We're trying to get a new site online, as far as I know. Last I heard was something about technical difficulties with the domain settings.
Posted by Hempuli 26th July, 2006

NARGH!! I can't find that orc shaman(?)
I'm in the orc city, but where he/she is???????
Posted by bernie[FA] 26th July, 2006

I'm not sure anymore, it's been too long. Maybe the version I uploaded doesn't have him yet. There's nothing much left to do at that point, anyway.
Posted by Fifth 26th July, 2006

You're saying it's too old, that you haven't worked on it in over a year, but that's really more on the 'effect' side...
Why'd you stop, then? Was the underlying engine too buggy, or did you get tired of the characters (neither of which I'd believe)? Or was it becoming too hard to come up with ideas? Or new areas? Or to implement them?

I don't mean to pry here, but I'm just really curious.

Hmm... "well over a year"...
Wasn't "A Game with a Kitty" released about a year ago? And the similarities are certainly there...
Was Kitty made as sort of a relief project, then? To make something more simple and self-contained with what you had learned/done? Or am I misinterpreting the chronology here?

Hrm... perhaps I should stop typing before I become too invasive. But again, I'm just really curious.
Posted by bernie[FA] 26th July, 2006

The game was too much work and making it became exhausting, so I took my finished engine and made something more simple. On the 16th February 2005 I edited the Skyhammer cca for the last time.
Posted by -Vinny- 27th July, 2006

well ... i noticed that after pressing "2" on my keyboard it gave me the intended full amount of live i'm guessing (as a means of debugging?)

i don't know if it was pressing the "2" key on my keyboard that triggered the following effects but they were very fun to use

- jump, then press and hold on to the jump key again whilst pressing the directions buttons allows you to fly
- jump, the press the down arrow will cause a hammer slam type attack
- jump, then press the attack button and you start spinning with the hammer out

i think that's all there was

oh and there's no orc shaman, i think the game ended there

as for the guardian boss, i just did the jump spinning hammer attack

love the graphics though bernie
Posted by bernie[FA] 27th July, 2006

Thanks for the comments. Pressing 2 should give you a lot of health and pressing 1 all the moves. One of them is a charge move - hold the attack button until hammer guy flashes and release the button. Debugging keys are fun.
Posted by Ski 27th July, 2006

I didnt try pressing 1 yet

Posted by Ski 27th July, 2006

I just played with all the attacks. What some people on this site would give, to be able to make a game of these standards. Its not old to us, maybe to you.
Posted by 4th August, 2006

ya. keep going on with it.
This is even better that Mister Stumps Dentures!
Posted by The Chris Street 12th August, 2006

Of course its better than MSD!
Posted by Leric 18th August, 2006

Holy shit they just showed this game on Cinematech on G4TV!
I didn't even know they showed amateur games on there!
Posted by viva/volt 9th November, 2007
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Posted by viva/volt 9th November, 2007
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Posted by - Yelnek - 19th November, 2007
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Very sexy and nice graphics...Wish there was more to play
Posted by erghhhhx 9th March, 2008
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It makes me so sad you've abandoned this. Everything about it is great, well not everything. You've abandoned it. Not great. x(
Posted by zonacas 28th June, 2009
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