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Author: bernie[FA] Submitted: 7th July, 2014 Favourites:1
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As your precious base crashes to the ground, you can't help but wonder, 'WHY!', 'What went wrong this time?', and 'Where did all my cool stuff go?!'

Starting from nothing isn't new to you. You're Glasses, just some nerdy bro with noble goals - as noble as an evil genius manages, at least. What else can you do but pick up all the pieces and try again? On your journey, you'll learn how to scientifically approach stuff like magnets, robots, sticks and daddy issues. We'll all learn so much together and have a super good time overall!


Unstrong is an exploratory platformer. Some stuff can only be found with newly obtained skills, so revisiting areas can pay off. This game is all about finding stuff. Mainly gears, that is. And maybe some forgotten memories. (Six of those.) Keep looking for all that stuff! Also: Save like all the time. Maybe get some additional TeleHearts, if you want. It's like additional health, only with a sillier name!

There are two endings, and completely 100%-ing this game is not necessary.

BTW! Press UP to enter doors and talk to people. Being social is awesome and totally easy in this game!

Keyboard controls can be reconfigured in-game. These will be ADDITIONALLY usable keys. The standard setup will always work.

Gamepad support is there, but I could only partially test it.


Here's a video:

Thanks for playing!

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Posted by Introversity 15th July, 2014
Rated :

Loving the game so far, great graphics, sense of humour, and music! Haven't finished it yet! Loving the game mechanics like the magnet. It's certainly not an easy game, and those save points are unforgiving!

Only real problem is identifying where I can stand and not stand (and what's a platform vs an obstacle, and when it's safe to go off the bottom of the screen), it's rather uninuitive.
Posted by bernie[FA] 19th July, 2014

Thanks for playing the game! I tried to up the contrast the platforms compared to the background objects, but I seems not to always work well enough.

I could mark death pits with red gradients to make them more obvious. Would that help?
Posted by AndyUK 30th July, 2014

I got caught out by a bottomless pit too. Yeah, some indicator would be nice.

Ive got to say even though Ive always found your palette choices a bit odd, your pixel art is always top draw.

I didn't really play long enough to rate. I'll try to remember to come back if I ever do play a bit more.
Posted by Pan-tosser 1st August, 2014

I love the art style
Posted by Cameron L Mercer 6th May, 2015
Rated :

I absolutely love this game - and no shock, as you also created THM, which is another one of my all-time favs. Just finished the game, maybe ~4-5 hours total playtime. Working on total completion!


-It would be nice to be able to quickly (or automatically) skip any dialog you have already seen, and died after. Though more common on bosses (where you can't immediately run back to re-save after the dialog completes), this can also happen on certain items (like the pickbot upgrade, where there is no save spot reasonably nearby.

-Sometimes, it is unclear what is solid and what is not (expanding on Introversity), as in certain stages you can stand on horizontal surfaces of certain blocks, but walk through the vertical surfaces. You get used to it with time, but you'll certainly kick yourself if you die or otherwise make your life harder by forgetting that you can walk (or sometimes bounce) through certain walls.

-I love the side quests, especially the memory-puzzle-challenge-things. I wish there were more.

-I really enjoy having a proper amount (5s, is it?) of invincibility after taking damage. It actually allows you to properly reassess your situation (sspecially in the more hectic levels)!

-I love the tongue in cheek dialog, not unlike what is found in your other games.

-I would suggest adding a timeout to the knockback, this isn't really noticeable with the knockback from the blue blocks, but at one point I was hit by the fist enemy in the lair, and must have been really unlucky, as I bounced off of multiple enemies (without ever touching the ground) all of the way down the tower I just oh-so-carefully climbed. Is it currently programmed to only cancel when you actually touch the ground?

-The telehearts/gears mechanic wasn't immediately evident to me. I am not sure how much of this applies to others, but I initially was under the impression that the gears were for improving the base (or repairing the damaged repairbot, or whatever) and that telehearts were bought with gold (which is what I usually see abbreviated to 'g' in games). It is funny how far the mind goes to preserve a preconceived notion - I assumed I didn't have any gold because I hadn't progressed far enough in the game, or found enough secrets, or it was still a beta, or whatever.

I ended up playing all the way to the lair entrance with only 2 health (lol)! I finally figured it out on the last teleheart machine by accident.

Finally, I scour games like this looking for all secrets! I would enjoy more truly-hidden secret sections and challenges ^^

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