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AGwaK 6: Moon Minion
Author: bernie[FA] Submitted: 24th October, 2013 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 217

Edited By bernie[FA] on 10/24/2013

A Game with a Kitty 6: Moon Minion

Oh god oh no! I made a new game. Why do I keep doing that!

So what's this game's deal? It's pretty much an oldschool 3d platformer, if there is such a thing. The inspiration comes from earlier 3d games such as Mario 64. It was designed for touch devices, but can be played normally, too.

You play Kittey, a kittycat. He jumps, climbs, clings to stuff and is capable of learning new moves! Again! (He keeps forgetting his moves for some reason. Must be all the sugar.)
Kittey must collect dreamstones in order to free his friends. The more, the better! The ending will change depending on how good he is at collecting stuff.

Once upon a time, there was a village. It was inhabited by cute little kitties! BUT THEN THE MOON CAME. Now Kittey the kittycat (he's a cat, btw) has to free his friends from the moon, who's kind of a big jerk. Who would've thought!

Well, they're kind of weird but totally customizable! On your tablet/phone things, you just hold your finger down and Kittey walks towards that point. Tapping stuff makes him jump. Certain objects have hotspots, like enemies. Makes aiming easier! Swiping up/down are used for special moves.
If you don't like touch stuff, just play with a gamepad or a keyboard. Swipe up/down are mapped to fire 2 and fire 3.

What else
This game is a release candidate, coz' I keep leaving a few little bugs in. Feel free to report those. It would totally help!

Other versions for Mac and Android are available on my site. This one is a Windows version.

Thanks for playing!

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Posted by Chris Donovan 28th October, 2013
Rated :

This isn't my type of game, but it does a great job at creating a magical setting. The color choices aren't standard which works in its favor. Depth perception is a little difficult to figure out, but it's not a game breaking problem. This is a high quality effort.
Posted by Yai7 29th October, 2013

But what program did you use to make this game?
Posted by bernie[FA] 29th October, 2013

NastyMan: Unity3d. It's pretty alright and has free basic licenses. Thanks for playing!!

Chris: The depth perception is difficult because of the low POV. That was needed to have less stuff obscure the view. I may have to add more shadows to stuff like collectables. Think that would help?
Posted by UrbanMonk 30th October, 2013
Rated :

Yeah, having more shadows would help some, but also different camera angles too perhaps.

I had a hard time reaching a floating star at one point.

I like the game quite a bit from what I've played!

The music sounds awfully familiar. What game did it come from? I want to see Kerbal Space program, but I'm not sure.
Posted by Chris Donovan 30th October, 2013
Rated :

I don't know much about 3D, but I think extra shadows would help.
Posted by bernie[FA] 31st October, 2013

Adding shadows shouldn't be much trouble, I'll do that.

The music is from, a site that offers royalty free music for free. These tunes are used in quite a few freeware games, so it's not surprising to recognise some of them.





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