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A Game with a Kitty 3 v1.0
Author: bernie[FA] Submitted: 26th July, 2011 Favourites:2
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 473

Edited By bernie[FA] on 7/26/2011

A Game with a Kitty 3 v1.0 for any platform with Adobe AIR

What is this Adobe AIR and why did you use it?!
Hello! It is some runtime thing from Adobe that apparently runs on many different platforms. This game uses it so you can install it on your silly Macs and whatnot. That also means you gotta install Adobe AIR to play.

No more techobabble! What is this game?
It's a platform game that looks like last century and also plays that way. Kittey, a chubby and lazy kitty wants to go treasure hunting and that's where YOU, the player come in. You gotta find lots of moneybags and beat up questionable, evil, scheming & shady characters along the way. You get to raid pyramids, fly through the sky and even ride a star scooter if you want!

There also are a lot of hidden levels - more than in the old beta!

Anything else?!
-It requires a computer that runs an OS released some time in the last decade and an AIR runtime from Adobe.
-There's no gamepad support yet. Still working on that.
-The proper soundtrack isn't done yet so it's still got my old bleepy music. Sorry!!
(This is a windows installer version if you can't do anything with the .air file.)
(This is an Android demo if you wanna try it out.)

Thanks for playing!!

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Posted by Toadsanime 27th July, 2011

Hoorah, AGWaK 3! Previous two games (and everything else you've made) were fantastic, so I can only again expect greatness here.
Posted by Fanotherpg 28th July, 2011
Rated :

Why not MMF2?
Posted by UrbanMonk 29th July, 2011
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I got the the strange tower, and died under the water...
I'll have to play some more later.

Too bad air doesn't work on the iPhone.

You could have made this in mmf and still had Android support you know.. Android runtime is on the way.
Posted by bernie[FA] 30th July, 2011

Thanks for playing!

I made the game in Flash to teach myself how to code using AS3. The game also supports a large number of operating systems that way.
Posted by MasterM 25th August, 2011

i didnt even realize he submitted this
Posted by MEHRDAD 26th August, 2011
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Good.very nice.congratulations
Posted by MasterM 27th August, 2011

Tested on my Samsung galaxy s (i9000):
Pressing up doesn't really work. While it recognizes left and right just fine I don't manage to press up no matter where I click on the up arrow. That's quite annoying and frustrating. Why not use a button for this? I didn't figure out what the button under the jump button is for yet.
Also the game is still running when I hit the home button. I can even still hear the music playing so I have to hit the back button twice which completely quits the game which is quite shit as well. Good thing you didn't let me beta test it when I've asked for it month ago.
Posted by bernie[FA] 27th August, 2011

Up seems to work fine on my phone. As for closing - I had someone else suggest NOT to immediately exit completely upon pressing the exit button - a lot of other games do this, too. It makes sense to me to go to the main menu first before exiting completely.

The second button is for an ability later in the game.

What do you suggest the home button should do? I think I can manage to make it pause the game or something. I had set it to quit on home first, but that disables multitasking for the game.

The version in the Market is still a beta. It's been online for a while there, too. I'm considering dropping it completely since and taking it out because it's hard to control and play with touch - and kind of hard to code.
Comment edited by bernie[FA] on 8/27/2011
Posted by MasterM 27th August, 2011

Well what phone are you on?
I suggest you do the same thing every game does when you hit the home button : pause it and mute the audio.

I figured out the up button. Where I can touch left and right I have to swipe my finger up. I don't even need to hit the cross but can be way above up.

So having an Android phone game is too much trouble and you want to remove it?
Posted by Yai7 28th August, 2011

Prove me that no real living creature has been killed in the process of the making of this game, and you automatically get 5 from me!

4 if you smashed a spider in your room. Okay?
Comment edited by NastyMan on 8/28/2011
Posted by bernie[FA] 28th August, 2011

I have a Motorola Milestone 2.

The multitouch is difficult to handle and it doesn't detect the button presses fast enough sometimes, that makes it very hard to play. I have no idea how to fix it. This is the main problem for me.

I think I can make the home button pause the game. Gonna check.
Posted by Blue66 1st September, 2011
Rated :

Great game. I like your style a lot. The level design is interesting while not confusing the hell out of me and the humor is quite nice (big armpits LOL). The only thing that I don't like is the very low resolution which requires a pixel perfect precision to play it. And I apparently lack this precision, so jumping on bosses for 20 times gets really frustrating for me

Is there any chance you will make a game that will be 720p or something in the future?
Posted by bernie[FA] 2nd September, 2011

Thanks for playing!

I'm making an adventure game that uses a slightly higher resolution at the moment, the target resolution is something like 640x400, but can be upscaled because of the vector art.

I like pixels, but I also plan to make a platformer in Flash that uses vectors instead of pixels. We'll see.
Posted by Jacob! 1st October, 2011

This game has a kitty in it!
Posted by bernie[FA] 6th October, 2011

Noooo...!! My friend says the kitty looks like a bear.





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