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Sky Crashers
Author: bernie[FA] Submitted: 9th April, 2014 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 225

Edited By bernie[FA] on 09/04/2014

AGwaK7: Sky Crashers

What do you do if your island suddenly gets relocated to the sky? Do you make new safety laws? Do you lock yourself in your room and get horribly depressed? Do you start worshipping some fat, bearded cloud god?

NO! Of course you don't! You go on a journey instead! A journey to get your island to drop down again somehow. There's always a way! And it's worth going even if you're just a little short-tempered kitty-kitten. No weird nerds or ancient kitty civilizations will stand in your way! GO YOU LITTLE FUZZBALL! KICK SOME BUTT!

Darling Kitty can jump on enemies, pick them up when they're unconscious, hit stuff, throw bombs & more. Darling's kind of into gold coins, so she keeps collecting them. Maybe she can give them to this weird heart-shaped dude that keeps stalking her.

There are 3 slightly different endings depending on how well you did and some hidden levels. Hooray!

Arrow Keys for moving & A/S, S/D, Y/X, X/C, or even SPACE/ALT for jumping and attacking. Just to support most options.

You can probably also use a gamepad. I can't test these new XBOX controllers at the moment, but older gamepads work fine.

What else
This game taught me how to do parenting in Gamemaker Studio, and that drawing levels by hand also seems to work.

It also features a soundtrack by the awesome Sean Cameron. Thanks for making that, dude!!

There will be a HTML5 version and an Android version. You can find them @ soon.

And... Thanks for playing!

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Posted by abdallah 15th April, 2014

Posted by abdallah 15th April, 2014

good game btw
Posted by bernie[FA] 16th April, 2014

Hey, thanks for giving it a go!
Posted by Fish20 23rd April, 2014
Rated :

Posted by abdallah 26th April, 2014

it reminds me of kirby
Posted by UrbanMonk 27th April, 2014
Rated :

I can't believe I missed this one back in April! Good work!
Posted by Rikus 27th April, 2014
Rated :

I can't stop playing it! gotta catch all those coins!





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