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A Game with a Kitty 3: Public Beta Release
Author: bernie[FA] Submitted: 3rd April, 2011 Favourites:4
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 549

Edited By bernie[FA] on 4/3/2011

A Game with a Kitty 3 - Beta Version (PC/Windows version)

Hello!! I don't quite know why but I made a platform game. That seems to happen from time to time. It is a rather clunky, old-looking game with huge pixels in it. It is meant for mobile things like Android phones, but not yet! There still may be bugs about.

Unfinished/broken things:

-Soundtrack (the magnificient Sean Cameron is working on it)
-Timer/timing issues
-There may be bugs left
-Some buttons don't work in this version

Please let me know if you find a bug. You can report bugs here or over at


It's meant to run on mobile things later on. It had to be optimized quite a bit.


Kittey, a chubby and erratic cat living in some remote town on an isolated island, wants to go treasure hunting! He wanders off but soon finds out that an old acquaintance is back - with a desire for revenge! Kittey travels to the other end of the island, soars through the skies, raids pyramids and even stumbles into a really silly and dangerous dimension! Good grief! He'd better make sure his sugar level isn't too low.


Kittey wants to find lots of treasure! In almost every area, there are 3 money bags and 10 coins to find. The more Kittey collects, the further he can get! Maybe even beyond what he thinks may be the end of his adventure... Oh! Kittey also loves secrets! That's why he constantly stumbles through secret levels he finds after looking thoroughly and noticing out-of-place things.

Thanks go out to Sean Cameron for making the soundtrack right at this very moment!

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Posted by Ski 3rd April, 2011
Rated :

Awesome! Just started but so far love the new sprites. Especially Kittey and the goofy enemies. Chunky, cute and pleasing to the eye. Quite like the music so far, too.

Edit: Are the menus/buttons the final ones?

Not so much a bug, but found moving bombs tricky. They don't go far in the given time limit, and with so little lives I found it hardish/frustrating for so early on

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Posted by bernie[FA] 4th April, 2011

Thanks for playing! Gonna think about the bomb thing. Should they just slide constantly when running into them? Or just jump a little more?

Another issue I've thought about are the pitfalls - sometimes you go to a new area, but if not you die. I decided to mark dangerous pitfalls with signs.

The buttons are for touchscreen support. You can also use the arrow keys to choose. It already runs on Android devices, and you need to use the fatty finger technique, so: big buttons!
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Posted by Ski 4th April, 2011
Rated :

They just kinda jump to the side a little. But by the time they're into position Im pretty much guaranteed to lose a life

Not sure Ive come across pitfalls yet Just got to first boss I think.
Posted by GamesterXIII 4th April, 2011

Glad you're seeking bug reports this time.

The first game was pretty much unplayable for all of the game-breaking bugs. I'll download this sometime soon hopefully.

Where is a game with a kitty 2?
Posted by Ski 4th April, 2011
Rated :

"The first game was pretty much unplayable for all of the game-breaking bugs."

The first game was perfectly playable and I honestly can never recall seeing a bug or witnessing any that affected the gameplay.
Posted by bernie[FA] 4th April, 2011

Gamester: A Game with a Kitty 2 = Darkside Adventures, see my game history.

I've released games with a few bugs over the time, but I always try to fix them as soon as possible. I guess a public beta run will help this time!
Posted by GamesterXIII 4th April, 2011

Yeah I guess I should have submitted what I found in the original as it was pretty bad. Its been so long since I played it, but I specifically remember the rising water getting completely out of whack and following you around the whole level or some crap, it was severely broken .

I had no idea you released a second one so I'll have to check that out as well as put some more time into this one.


Posted by GamesterXIII 4th April, 2011

By the way just a small critique.

You're obviously really talented in the graphics department, but I find that almost all of your games look exactly the same. Maybe try some different colors?

IMO the first A Game With a Kitty is much more pleasing to the eye than this one, or the second one.
Posted by Bricnic 4th April, 2011
Rated :

* Typo in advice, in Forest of Happy Dreams: Forest is very "save" and soft. -> safe
* Ctrl + f shortcut, listed as fullscreen command, doesn't work.
* Probably intentional- dollar signs are backwards! EDIT: After finishing, I see these are "dollards", which probably explains the backwards sign!
* Typo in what clever kitty says: So far, you found about ... -> you've
* When destroying underwater blocks, the water does not flood the revealed area. So Kittey appears to be dry, but still has underwater mechanics (sounds, jump behaviour etc.) This only happens in a very specific region... sorry, I can't remember where it was anymore!
* The apparently undocumented "show gamepad" button, p.
* The evil 2x2 falling blocks are a little ambiguous- every other bad guy can be jumped on top of safely up to this point, and they don't look too spiky, but apparently touching them in any manner equals death. Not really a bug, but more of a design consideration.
* When getting crushed by the moving walls, I was pushed through obstacles- that could lead to problems. Probably better just to play an animation and die in place, e.g. a flat Kittey.
* Kittey can keep up his "running" status, even when running into a wall.
* It was at times possible to collect the coins hidden within red blocks, even without stomping them (simply jumping under them a few times, or falling while pushing into them etc. occasionally awards the coins).
* Just above the Caves of Nom.. there's double layered water. Which inexplicably ends, and lets you fall into a cave, yet the water doesn't pour down there?
* The camera panning when entering / exiting an oval doorway make it possible to see that some areas, which should be just solid ground, are actually other playable regions. Not a big deal, just something to consider.
* Some underwater ground is drawn with not-underwater colour, e.g. just above Caves of Nom.
* It takes a while to die when falling in some areas, e.g. "Where?", if you are already injured (and therefore flashing / invulnerable). It should just be instant death.
* At the far right end of "Where?", you can run off the edge- and die
* When landing back in "Forest of Happy Dreams" from "The Green Land Above", if you hold down RIGHT, you will be stuck for a moment before moving. This is probably just an artefact of the small amount of predetermined movement every level has when you enter it.
* Maybe not a bug, and just by design... but it is annoying at times not being able to cancel out of a butt-stomp, even with the "Fly" move. For instance, if you stomp in the "Somewhere completely else?" world, with nothing below you, your horizontal movement is slowed greatly, and it takes ages to get anywhere.
* In bottle rocket park, it is possible to jump out of the top of the level, which is for some reason fatal (though it doesn't seem to be on any other level where I tried it).
* The radius of the dash/fly attack means you can destroy blocks that are actually behind walls, for instance, in "Hey! Where does this go?", to the left of the cannon and above the whomp-block thing, you can destroy a block behind a wall.
* In the fortress of traps, if you stay on the falling wall, you will drop down into an unplayable area, where you don't die, and *cannot* die. This forces a hard reset of the game to restore it to a playable state.
* One time I flew up out of the screen after dying. It might have been a mechanic of the "Glasses - Robot" (final) boss stage.
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Posted by bernie[FA] 4th April, 2011

Bricnic: Ooh! Big list, thanks! I think I can fix most of these right away.

Gamester: Yeah, me and color. I'm color blind, so there's a troubled relationship. You can give my adventures ore Stargirl a go for different styles.
Posted by bernie[FA] 4th April, 2011

Fixfix time! Some bugs are engine limitations, not sure if I can fix all of them. For now:
-that double-layered water thing I can't fix yet. A tile drawing error.
-The falling off / up out of level stuff is fixed.
-Ctrl+F is a problem with my Flash shell. Gonna remove the shortcut
-spellings fixed!
-P is for easy pad on/off on android devices, gonna put it in the docs
-butt stomp now cancelable by pressing UP
-flying up after dying fixed
-fortress sinking wall fixed
-movement locking after dropping down from the happy lands shortened
-'where...?'-edge fixed
-dollards are dollars for chubby little kitties
-water area above nom: can't fix, engine limit/design problem
-water/cave logic -> maybe edit cave entrance? Edit: yep, did that!
-death timer when falling down a pit fixed
-coin under block fixed
-camera panning & doors: not sure yet, hars to fix
-not sure if I should disable run status when running into a wall... makes it harder to play
-wall crushing usually kills the kitty, but it's messy - engine problem, may not be fixable
-limiting the kitty shot radius makes other things much harder, not changing it for now
-2x2 evil block guy: not sure yet

Lovely! Got a few things out of the way. Still thinking about the rest. Thanks so far!

The fixes are not in this version yet.
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Posted by Ski 4th April, 2011
Rated :

Green Lands above, the hidden money behind the block can be collected without breaking the block. This probably isnt a bug, but seems pointless to hide it if it can be collected without seeing it >.>
Posted by bernie[FA] 4th April, 2011

Ah! Gonna fix!
Edit: Made collecting coins under blocks impossible but overall collecting mechanic more lenient.
Comment edited by bernie[FA] on 4/4/2011
Posted by Ski 4th April, 2011
Rated :

Sands of wagu far right, green area, I fell off the bottom and had no option but to reset. Dunno if thats the same problem as the Fortress of traps?
Posted by bernie[FA] 4th April, 2011

Yep! Got that one fixed, thanks!
Posted by Hayo 4th April, 2011
Rated :

Dude, you are my favorite game maker. I totally love this. (Not very helpful, I know).
Posted by The Chris Street 4th April, 2011

Its possible to get to "Where?" without needing the floating move; just jump on the floating green enemies and butt-stomp them to jump higher.
Posted by bernie[FA] 4th April, 2011

Chris: I think that one's ok. You can finish that level without the glidey move, too. Thanks, still!

Hayo: Thanks! How are your games coming along? I saw a few interesting things in your projects.
Posted by Willy C 4th April, 2011
Rated :

Pretty awesome, Mr. Bernie!

- Gamepad support would be sweet!
Comment edited by Willy C on 4/4/2011
Posted by Phredreeke 4th April, 2011

You should add some shaders

Posted by bernie[FA] 4th April, 2011

Willy C / Phredreeke: Gamepad support is pending. I think Flash doesn't have that, but AIR does. As for shaders: Not possible without a large performance hit, and I also think it's not the right game for that.
Posted by MasterM 4th April, 2011

it already works on android?

didnt know there already was a public version of android or well i guess clickteam gave you a beta.

if you want a beta tester for android feel free to give me the file. ive got two different android phones: htc magic and samsung galaxy s i9000. so i can test how it runs on two different systems and phones (1.6 and 2.2).

i kinda get a feeling click android stuff is only really compatible with froyo or at least 2.1.

curious to see whats it like in action on android. also do you plan on selling it or giving it away for free because you are a nice guy?
Posted by bernie[FA] 4th April, 2011

It's a pure Flash game, no Clickteam exporter involved. It requires Adobe AIR on mobile Android things, which is available for 2.2 and higher.

I'm still sorting through some touch-related issues. The onscreen jump button doesn't work sometimes... very annoying.

About it being free or not... the desktop version will always be free. As for the Android release, I'm not sure yet.
Comment edited by bernie[FA] on 4/4/2011
Posted by Ski 4th April, 2011
Rated :

I dont get it. You say no CT exporter involved but the app says MMF application?
Posted by bernie[FA] 4th April, 2011

It's a starter program that basically just starts the actual game. The actual game stuff is in that 9 MB .dat file.
Posted by bernie[FA] 5th April, 2011

Okay! A new beta is online. Most changes are logged in the help file. Thanks!
Posted by Phredreeke 6th April, 2011

Another look at what a game with a kitty could have been.

Posted by Ski 6th April, 2011
Rated :

That wasn't funny the first time.
Posted by bernie[FA] 6th April, 2011

It... hurts my eyes.
Posted by Jenswa 6th April, 2011

kitty = cute
Posted by Hernan 7th April, 2011

So...just curious, but why did you include the MMF exe if the .dat file is the real executable for the game?
Posted by bernie[FA] 7th April, 2011

I used a starter app in most of my other games, and I wanted an easy option to view the help file. The flash shell menu is not really customizable.
Posted by Shawn_S 7th April, 2011
Rated :

Btw, when you press Up for Halp! the game logo is above the text layer so you can't read it. Just need to switch the order/layers around.
Comment edited by Shawn_S on 4/7/2011
Posted by Shawn_S 7th April, 2011
Rated :

I really like this game you did a great job!
Posted by SupaStix 11th April, 2011

Great game, just like the other ones you've made!

Here are two things you could fix:

* There's an extra 11th coin out of the 10 needed to be collected in the "Forest of Happy Dreams".
* In the "Fortress of Traps" where the switch is located, you can die if you try to leave that area. (EDIT: Okay, it's not doing that anymore, but you should still look into it...)

Other than that, it's pretty solid.
Comment edited by SupaStix on 4/12/2011
Posted by bernie[FA] 12th April, 2011

Ok, thanks! Gonna check.





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