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Treasure Hunter Man 2
Author: bernie[FA] Submitted: 23rd September, 2015 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 540

Edited By bernie[FA] on 23/09/2015


Treasure Hunter Man 2

Teenage sons are already a headache, but if they run away to hunt for treasure, that's where many a mum might be a bit out of her element.
Not Dorothy, however! With a magical tracking compass in hand, Dorothy tracks down her son's whereabouts to a deserted island. There'll be no more missed dinners or cursed treasures in THIS household!


Yes! You better! This is a metroidvania game with some optional content and different endings. It also fully endorses spying on teenage sons.

It's a pixel game thing again coz' I got tired of messing with 3d engine nonsense. This comes at a 320x180 res doubled up, resized or fullscreen.

The keys are redefinable and gamepads are supported.
Standard keys: A/S/D/Arrows

If it runs slow, try turning off the water effects. They might not be effecient. I sure don't know much about shaders, dudes.


Here's a video:

Thanks for playing!

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 (12 mkb )

Posted by bernie[FA] 29th September, 2015

My server seems to have problems, but you can get the game on my page, too:
Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 9th October, 2015
Rated :

I LOVE this game! Very hard, very fun. There is so much to see and do. I really like the graphic style. I think I need a little the area you enter from inside the windmill, how do you get to the chest this is surrounded by wall? This chest is in the wizard's realm and in an area that scrolls down forever.
Posted by bernie[FA] 9th October, 2015

Thanks for playing my game! There are two explodey blocks at the lower part of the wall encasing the treasure. Trigger one of em and you can get in from below, under the chest. You can use the shield enemy or the bird to get in.
Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 10th October, 2015
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Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 12th October, 2015
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I think I got most of the treasure in all of the areas. I got 100 percent treasure found in most of the areas. I just got a couple of questions. I don't know how to get the chest in the Ocean Depths that is behind a wall. If you stay near the surface of the water and go left, you can see that area. I just don't know how to get to it. Also, the chest in the special pirate area, the one that you can't get into without being a good enough treasure hunter. It is on a high upper platform when you first into this area. Do you use the two birds and blue blob that appears when you travel to the right? Thanks.
Posted by bernie[FA] 12th October, 2015

There's a vertical area in the water in the ocean area. There's a bunch of blocks with a hidden door in the center of it.

The chest in the pirate level requires you to get a bird enemy close enough so you can bounce off of it onto that upper left area.

100%ing the pirate area unlocks a thing, but 100%ing the game isn't necessary, 90% is enough for the best ending.

Thanks for playing!
Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 12th October, 2015
Rated :

Thanks! That was very helpful!
Posted by Nick of All Trades 13th October, 2015

Fine game indeed!
What's up with the Kitty Coin?
Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 16th October, 2015
Rated :

I BEAT IT! Killed the pirate cove boss, too! I got almost 100 perfect on everything. You did a GREAT job making this game!





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