Ahh yes, the Click Community is a strange community indeed, so many things can happen in a year its amazing we can keep up.

If you are new into the whole click creating scene this community can be a bit overwhelming. That's why we created these pages to let you catch up on all the events that have been happening in the past years, and if you been a member of our community for a while you can look laugh at all the things you used to get so worked up about. Also you might even do something great this year and you might just end up seeing your own peace of history here next year for generations of clickers to see.

To start your journey just click on a year you are interested in.

Anyway enjoy this trip into the past and we hope to see you back... in the future.

The clicktimeline was made by Rikus Kras

Thanks to: Andi Smith, Clubsoft and Borg for there help information and pictures.

I tried my best to put as much information and pictures in this timeline as I could. If you think I missed something or if a date is wrong and you have some information and/or pictures about it then please give me a dc-mail. Of course I can't add each site and each and every event that has occurred true out the years but I tried to do my best and tried to add as much as I could.