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Tops the pig 3
Author: AndyUK Submitted: 30th November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 544
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Edited By Andyuk on 1/24/2004

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Edited By Andyuk on 11/30/2003

Tops the pig 3 is here!
Tops' third adventure has him making his way through 15 levels to reach the metal city that mcdoss has built. He has also built loads of new enemies for Tops to defeat along with the mutant turtles.

This time there are no one hit deaths Tops has 3 chances before dying and can collect extra hearts.
Stars make a return but also can be head-butted out of boxes as well.

I hope you enjoy.

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Posted by Cazra 1st December, 2003

another few bugs: - sometimes on full screen, an "illegal operation" message appears for no apparent reason. -When I beat the 3rd level on the 2nd world, instead of going to the world map, it goes to the beginning of the 3rd world. -sometimes when you land next to an obstacle and your side is overlapping it, you'll start sinking into the ground.
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 1st December, 2003

naa those bugs are nothing...great game Andy!
Posted by Blackgaze 1st December, 2003

this is great, well done andyuk
Posted by Sodaceptive 1st December, 2003

Not a bad game, the platform engine is okay... I just think its lacking a little depth. All the elements seem to be there, yet something feels like its missing. Otherwise, I think its a great attempt. Keep up the work!
Posted by -_darkman_- 1st December, 2003

its a really nice game but lacks a bit of depth in terms of gameplay.Still fun though
Posted by Cazra 1st December, 2003

the illegal operations are annoying. They even pop up when you're not on full screen. Nice game anyways.
Posted by AndyUK 1st December, 2003

the illegal operations cant be helped really because thats to do with tgf itself rather than my work i guess thats one of the downsides of using tgf instead of mmf1.5
Posted by AndyUK 1st December, 2003

okay snerlin, lives reset back to 3 after dying now and finishing a third level gets you back to the map screen. i cant help with the bus you said though
Posted by Djfuego 1st December, 2003

Wooot! great game. I played it more than twice! I haven't deleted it yet either. I haven't completed this and want to know when the next episodes out? How about a story or something. I get shades of Jazz jackrabbit crossed with mario. Such a simple game too! 5 thumbs up and 20 gold stars! :D
Posted by CYS 2nd December, 2003

Not too bad...I can see great improvements since the first tops the pig. :D 1. Tops shoot flying boxing gloves...aren't that weird? 2. The engine isn't quite right, it don't accelerate when jumping up...also, it will go below the floor before coming up, use fastloop to fix it. 3. Okay gfx, it's pretty nice, but more varity of things will make it more attractive. 4. You better improve the graphics for the next tops the pig (if there's any), never use the same sprite! :P
Posted by Hplkopra 2nd December, 2003

Ok game. I think tops could shoot something else than boxing gloves, I mean, he wares them in them in his hands. Odd. And the gfx could be changed in the next tops. But anyway, nice game! ;) P.s. Are those stars that you collect ripped from mario?
Posted by AndyUK 2nd December, 2003

no ripped graphics at all mate. including the stars and normal boxing gloves dont allow you to shoot them do they? thats what he wears to begin with. The powerup adds the shooting ability. and i did use fastloop for the engine but took out the events for jumping because i couldnt figure out how to make him not sink slightly. its still in there for walking strangely.
Posted by Smeggy 2nd December, 2003

Mario meets alex the kidd, cool
Posted by Lazernaut 2nd December, 2003

This is quite cool...but is it just me or are there no sound effects ?
Posted by Jason Orme 2nd December, 2003

Dammit... download wont work
Posted by Blackgaze 2nd December, 2003

andyuk seems to be a number 1 fan for alex the kid (crocfist, tops)
Posted by AndyUK 2nd December, 2003

i like alex kidd in miracle world but im not exactly a fan
Posted by Cazra 2nd December, 2003

awesome game
Posted by Jason Orme 2nd December, 2003

better than your other games.. but still as frustrating at times.
Posted by Teapot 3rd December, 2003

i like this, much better than crocfist
Posted by Cazra 3rd December, 2003

I found more bugs: -the blue key on the 3rd level of the 2nd world doesn't kill the blue blocks -After I beat the 2nd world, it doesn't save my progress and it thinks I still haven't beaten it.So, I can't go to the 3rd world.
Posted by Chace 3rd December, 2003

'Sorry, the page you requested could not be found.' :(
Posted by -_darkman_- 3rd December, 2003

Heres an alternative link if that doesn't work for some people:
Posted by AndyUK 3rd December, 2003

-the blue key on the 3rd level of the 2nd world doesn't kill the blue blocks (fixed) -After I beat the 2nd world, it doesn't save my progress and it thinks I still haven't beaten it.So, I can't go to the 3rd world. (fixed i think)
Posted by Cazra 3rd December, 2003

more bugs(believe or not): -If you die on the 3rd world, the health isn't reseted. -When I beat the 3rd world, it doesn't save the progress and I can't go to the 4th world. Suggestions: Bug 1: Put an event like this on the world map: >always -set health to 3 Bug 2: You might as well check each world for this bug since it also showed up on world 2.
Posted by nev` 3rd December, 2003

I sure wish I was the editor to have accepted this from the pending list. Absolutely awesome work, Andy!
Posted by AndyUK 4th December, 2003

snerlin there is an event to sort out the lives after losing all three it worked for me. and the events for going to another world are the same except adding another number to the level counter. I did check each level. um did you redownload it snerlin? oh and cheers sejj!
Posted by AndyUK 4th December, 2003

dave c? the res is 320x224 which is lower than you asked for anyway and about that review damonv. There is a story in the readme file and the game probably doesnt need sfx now does it. Thanks anyway.
Posted by Cazra 4th December, 2003

yes I did. It probably just messed up that one time I played it. Or maybeI should redownload it after cleaning my hard drive.
Posted by AndyUK 4th December, 2003

mabye i should have tested the game on a slower machine the game may have gone back to the level select screen before it had a chance to save the data
Posted by Cazra 4th December, 2003

Unfortunately, it still doesn't work.
Posted by Cazra 4th December, 2003

On the actions editor in the event editor, does it save your progress before it jumps to the world map or after? For it to work properly, it must save before jumping to the world map. My machine may still have a hidden temporary copy of the game too. If you make editions, could you change the download file's name?
Posted by AndyUK 5th December, 2003

it saves at the same time i think ill test to see if this happens with another copy
Posted by M Willich 6th December, 2003

This game held my attention way longer than the average Platformer. Anyone setting out to make one should study the fluidity of your movement and the responsiveness, etc. Great jorb. (Though I did feel like a bufoon standing in the exit until I 'figured it...)
Posted by AndyUK 6th December, 2003

the only time ive explained how to use the doors is in the first level of Tops 1.
Posted by Jetstar 6th December, 2003

hmmmm... did'nt like it that much M Willich job not jorb XD
Posted by Jetstar 6th December, 2003

you cant die!!!??? XD whats up with that???
Posted by Cazra 6th December, 2003

... I don't think anyone volunteered for testing Tops 3. Testers should be able to spot these kind of bugs.
Posted by RapidFlash 6th December, 2003

You have uneven jumps in the engine, probably due to you using a timer-based engine. Try and make a fast-loop one in the future, it's better. Minus the bugs and some graphics, good game. I see you really used your slope engine a lot.
Posted by Silveraura 7th December, 2003

I love this game, the levels are build very well & the engine fits into the game. The puzzles that the levels start to get through the game aren't bad & are enough to get the player thinking. I give this game a thumbs up, though were there are bugs in the game, the games fun outlooks the bugs sence we all know what they are & how to avoid them as best as we can. The lives bug was cool though. :-D
Posted by istvan 14th December, 2003

in the second stage of the first world (beach world or whatever) i cant jump high enough to reach anything. i dont know why this is though. i actually put my hand up to be a tester but the link Andyuk sent me didnt work. from what ive seen the game looks ok, but the jumping thing has stopped me from playing too far into it.
Posted by Va1entine 16th December, 2003

hay andy its markmdk again! been playing your game on and off now for the past 3 days! and i have to say, wish i didn't give it a hands down!! the more i play the more i appreciate your game,the level design is really good in parts, although i still think you have alot to work on in the next sequal! i'd love to lend you my services for tops 4
Posted by istvan 20th December, 2003

The jump seems to work no, Im guessing there is something in the code that makes the jump height in consistant. Ive also had a lot of trouble getting throught levels because Tops keeps on falling through the ground and into non-existance leaving me with no option but to press F2 :(
Posted by Airflow 13th January, 2004

I had considered this game as a bit of a turnip, but it isn't bad at all. I removed this once odd-ball comment.

Comment edited by Skinny on 1/31/2008
Posted by Maddie 15th January, 2004

Skinny shut up.
Posted by Cybermaze 19th January, 2004

Generally a fun game with a pig. The gfx is actually ok. Only bad thing is the bugs. Ive just downloaded the game (from the link at the top) and get some of the same bugs as Snerlin of Neonair, allthough you state they should be fixed. Give it some more work and its really good.
Posted by 4th April, 2004

theres a bug in the game that makes Tops invincible.
Posted by nanoco 21st February, 2009

I aspire to make a game like this. Good work Andy.
Posted by AndyUK 9th March, 2011

I was never happy with this game. I might have to remake it one day.
I was still a huge n00b.
Posted by The Chris Street 6th March, 2012

I think you should remake it... NOW.






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