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Review: Tops the pig 3
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 01/12/2003

I remember reviewing the last instalment in the Tops the Pig series ages ago - as far as I remember, it was a nicely done simple platform game. This one doesn't disappoint in that respect.

The Sonic-style title screen makes a welcome reappearance (with the multi-layered parallaxing and everything, it almost looks like it could have been an old Genesis game. Except it was called the Megadrive here, wasn't it? I'm turning in to an American.)

For the main game, the style changes from Sonic to Mario - the map screen is present, and the gameplay is of the "get to the right hand side of the screen collecting as many pickups as you can on the way" type. In this case stars are the collectable of the day, and like before you also have to find a boxing glove on each level so you can fire at enemies. I don't know, it must be a magic boxing glove.

The graphic style is also Mario-like, with the levels being constructed of blocks rather than real platforms. The rest of the graphics are pretty well-drawn, the main character's lack of a shooting animation being the only real omission here.

A custom platform movement engine is used, and for the most part it's fairly solid. There are even some moving platforms which work well, and as anyone will tell you, moving platforms in Click are rather hard to do. (Well, I've always found them difficult). You can fire as fast as you can hit the Fire button, though... it might be irritating if you couldn't, but it does take some skill out of the game being able to fire off boxing gloves at enemies with the speed of the average Gatling gun.

The music is a selection of chiptunes which seem to be taken from all over the place, so the quality of them is a bit mixed. Most of them suit the game rather well, though.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is a simple platform game and doesn't pretend to be anything else - the author has made something that's just fun to play, and that's how all games should be. It's also rather long, with varied levels, so it should last you a while.

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