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Review: Tops the pig 3
Author: Dark One
Added: 03/12/2003

Dark One Entertainment's Review of Tops the Pig 3

Presentation : A fairly decent decription, but I think this type of game, needs a storyline, and this game doesn't have one. I mean, it would be a lot better if it had a long storyline. But the description decribes all you can describe about TTP3. It has a couple screenshots which show the game, so atleast that is good. I give Presentation a 7.

Gameplay : Nice custom-made platform engine, they're really hard to do and if you made it with the custom platform movement engine I give you an extra hand. I found no bugs in the gameplay, and it is fairly simple and well-done. I give gameplay a 10, very good, keep up the good work.

Graphics : The graphics are cool, not the greatest, but that doesn't matter their still good, I like the animations and the characters. Really nice shading and everything. The graphics fit in nicely and I really like the backgrounds and the enemy graphics. I give you a 10 for the graphics, nice graphics, Andyuk.

Sound and Music : Well, no sound effects in this game. They are really needed, you need them for the collisions with stars, your glove, when you hit the enemies, you get the picture don't you? Anyway, on to the music, cool music, really like it, and I think it goes well with the game. I give you 0 for sound and 10 for music, 5 for sound and music.

Lastability : You will make it through this game once, you might decide to play the game once more time, but that is highly unlikely. It is worth downloading an playing, any game that you can play all the way through without getting bored it's worth it, I know I never got bored. I give the game 7 lastability, since you'll play it once without getting bored.

Overall : Overall this is a quality download. The creator must have put a lot of work into it, and I give the game an overall total of 8, and I hope you make another Tops the Pig 3 game.

-Damon, Dark One Entertainment

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