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Lil' pirate 8 bit demo
Author: AndyUK Submitted: 17th February, 2011 Favourites:2
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 250

Edited By AndyUK on 2/18/2011

Edited By AndyUK on 2/18/2011

A platformer created as part of the Console wars competition. The competition has ended and went well over the deadline with many entries not finished. So everyone lost interest and ive decided to just release something. Still, it's a fairly sizeable 12 levels.

The game plays like a typical 90's console platform game where the player must make their way to the end of level marker collecting coins, powerups, 1ups and weapons. There are a variety of weapons each with their own attributes. It's up to the player to make use of them to make their way through the levels.

2/18/2011- Added edge of level boundries But I don't intend to work on this anymore in the near future.

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Posted by Bricnic 17th February, 2011

Cool and well made little game, one thing that made it unplayable for me was that it is possible to fall out of the level if you go beyond the border, rendering it impossible to die or continue (forcing you to press F2 and start from the very beginning). You should put invisible walls on the left / right boundaries, or at least kill the player when they fall off the bottom of the level.
Posted by AndyUK 17th February, 2011

Thats quite easily done actually. Sorry about that. It's a bit of an oversight I guess.
There aren't any bottomless pits that I'm aware of though, are there?
Posted by Ski 17th February, 2011

Second level I walked under the exit sign and fell off the frame. I would have thought there would have been a large invisible object to detect the level's end

Did you test the game?
Posted by Assault Andy 17th February, 2011

I had the same problem as Adam.

Pretty good game so far, but I think you need a better jump animation and some effects/sounds when you destroy boxes and pickup items.

Keep up the good work
Posted by AndyUK 18th February, 2011

I decided to release what I had knowing there are a lot of omissions. Like I said in the description I lost interest so stopped working on it.

I'll keep in mind the end of level boundries in the future since that only takes a small addition to the movement events. Sound effects would take more time.

Thanks for the comments.
Posted by The Chris Street 18th February, 2011

From what I saw of the source there's only two frames to the game... can't you add the event in the main level generator and reupload?

position of X("maindetector") is lower or equal to x left frame: set position of X("maindetector") to X left frame + 2

Something like that, and same for the right frame
Posted by AndyUK 18th February, 2011

Yes I can add it quite easily. I didn't do It like I didn't do a lot of things due to losing interest and releasing it as is.

Yeah there are two frames. I could have only used one but I got lazy.

Ok fine I'll add edge of level boundries and reupload.
Posted by Disthron 21st February, 2011

Cool little platformer, I was going to comment that some of the mechanics were underused but since you lost interest in the project I guess that's why. I particularly liked how the arrows would stick in the wall, and that only the enemy bullets hurt you. That is something you don't see very often in these sorts of games.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 21st February, 2011

T'was cool! Using the arrows for climbing was a really cool mechanic indeed! Also, a well done 8-bit remake of the original, remided me of the 90's!
Posted by DaVince 26th March, 2011
Rated :

Very neat for what it is. I also felt some gameplay elements were underused; usually the special weapons you needed were 2 feet away.

Not rating too high because, you know. It's not finished. Graphics and coding mostly feel like they are, though, which is good.
Posted by AndyUK 29th March, 2011

I think the lesson ive learned here is that I need lots of time to make games.






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