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Dizzy game engine (template)
Author: AndyUK Submitted: 10th January, 2005 Favourites:0
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If you wanted to make a Dizzy fangame similar to the classic Spectrum,Amstrad or Commadore games then this will be a huge help to you.
It contains the basic engine to my game Lost woods dizzy. The events are commented and the graphics tiles are still there so you can just start building it as soon as you download!
none of the speech parts are there from my game, since it would have been hard to edit them to suit your own game.

it uses no Extensions and is TGF and MMF compatible

The Dizzy series are side scrolling/non scrolling adventure games. Dizzy is a small eggman and walk about the levels solving puzzles by basically picking up objects and placing them down again in the right places (like dropping a key next to a door to open it)

The games were very popular in Britain and the rest of europe from about 1986-1994 and released by codemasters (of colin mcrae rally and toca touring cars fame)

Dizzy did start on a number of formats including the Nes and Megadrive/Genesis but was most famous on the Spectrum, Commadore and Amstrad computers.

(these are two different files now, one shows of simple dizzy movement, the second is more complex and has Pogie following dizzy around.)

Ok the third link has screen by screen scrolling, but the engine is not so good. I just found it.

Review This Download (43kb )

Posted by Jason Orme 11th January, 2005

Nice idea. And its good that you share such a excellent engine.
Posted by AndyUK 11th January, 2005

I may as well since a lot of dizzy fangames use the built in engine.
Posted by Jason Orme 12th January, 2005

I dont know how that would work, lol.
Posted by AndyUK 12th January, 2005

i meant becuase this would help them make better games
Posted by Airflow 13th January, 2005

I duno what Dizzy is. But it sounds 'k.
Posted by mojofltr 13th January, 2005

Excellent engine! Thank you! :-)
Posted by AndyUK 14th January, 2005

no problem.
Posted by Airflow 18th January, 2005

The source has a good result. But it's a bit messy. I found a few unneeded lines of code while I was messing with it. There where some things which could of been done much more easily that what you had done. The flip screen for example. Could have been : Set x position window of playfield to 160+(X("player")/320)*320) It would have been easier for you, rather than active objects. However, overally I like it. Thanks a heap! I started to make a game with it. :D
Posted by Zi-Xiao 18th January, 2005

Man, I was always too dumb for dizzy games, but always admired the game for what it offered to the slightly more intellegent player. Good job :)
Posted by AndyUK 14th February, 2005

Yeah, i couldn't always finish them without a guide. Especially dizzy 5 (spellbound dizzy)
Posted by DistantJ [FZ Games] 23rd February, 2005

Ah I remember playing Dizzy on my Atari when I was just a little kid. I might have to throw something together with this engine some day.
Posted by DaVince 26th October, 2005 could not be found. :(
Posted by phraZe 8th February, 2007

All 3 links are dead!
Posted by supaguygames 24th March, 2012

STFU Internet, is dead!





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