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The games factory parralax scrolling
Author: AndyUK Submitted: 21st July, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 883

Edited By AndyUK on 07/01/2006

Since i couldnt find an example of parralax scrolling using The Games Factory when I needed it, I decided to make my own.
It uses only extra 1 event for the scrolling making it very easy to learn
and only a few extra objects.

it only supports left to right scrolling at the moment but up and down scrolling is easy to do yourself when you look at the event.

there are a few notes but they are messy since I threw this together in about 15 minutes


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Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 21st July, 2004

Really nice, AndyUK! Very useful! I don't have MMF 1.5, (I have 1.0 and 1.2 :(), so this is really usefull! :)
Posted by Odin 21st July, 2004

A small, yet informative file. The only problem with the Y-Axis is that if you keep the same numbers, the clouds will move weird, for example the smaller clouds will be over the larger ones. I suggest dividing the original number by 5 or 10, making 7 3.5 or .7. Do what you think looks best. And you ARE a kicking ass member. -ThO
Posted by 22nd July, 2004

Why bother to make a scrolling tutorial ??? - Even a baby can create par.scr. in 5 minutes.
Posted by Odin 22nd July, 2004

LAMER'S MATHS EQUATION! IronBAR = Pessimist LAMER'D! (Ow, my n00b!) Oh, and I did find this useful. Make more tutorials. Now. -ThO
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 22nd July, 2004

"- Even a baby can create par.scr. in 5 minutes." Maybe, IronBAR. But no one else tried to make a Gfactory Parellex example. ;)
Posted by AndyUK 23rd July, 2004

"Why bother to make a scrolling tutorial ??? " because it may be easy when you know how but otherwise finding a working way to do it is harder than it seems. remember some people dont know how to make a character not fall through the floor in built in platform movement as easy as it is. oh and thanks TH0_0din314
Posted by Rhys D 23rd July, 2004

Why did my comment get deleted? Fucking admin nazi's. All I was trying to do was back up Phizzy and teach this IronBAR fag a lesson. Hell he even suggested to search google for cracks for MMF, how is that not a bannable offence?
Posted by Odin 23rd July, 2004

I agree with Rhys. Giving out cracks for MMF is illegal, and it makes ClickTeam lose money. Besides, a crack for MMF would be nowhere on the web because only Game Devolopers buy ClickTeam products, and those people are honest and know that if they gave away cracks, they'd only hurt themselves. At least, I am. My point is is that tutorials may look retarded to the power-user, but to semi-noobs like myself, they're great. Learning is power. LEARN. Pick up a book, people. -ThO (Thanks, AndyUK!)
Posted by Jatzek(DreamEvil Corp) 24th July, 2004

" remember some people dont know how to make a character not fall through the floor in built in platform movement as easy as it is. " Is that possible??? HOW?! (I mean, in any other way, then creating an event that on collition with obstacle stop)
Posted by Odin 24th July, 2004

Uh, excuse me, Dusty, but a few of us don't have MMF. I'd like it, but I can't afford it. I might get it for Christmas, but that's a while away. The point is, MMF sucks because I don't have it. -ThO
Posted by AndyUK 30th July, 2004

whats your point dustin?
Posted by Joni Paasikivi 8th March, 2005

Download doesn't work anymore :(
Posted by KevinHaag 12th June, 2005

link broken :(
Posted by AndyUK 16th August, 2006

yes it does work. Bandwith = limited to 4 meg per hour.
Posted by AndyUK 9th March, 2011

It wont now because Geocities doesn't exist lol.





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