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Dotman finds a house with gold in it. Oh also it's
Author: AndyUK Submitted: 4th February, 2009 Favourites:0
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For TDC minigame competition. I was actually making another game but it became too complex to be considered a mini game so i made this in about an hour. I threw in a mod that i made but i suck at making music so it's not very good but neither is the game really.
It used about 4 colours mostly black and most of the objects are like 8x8 which makes them hard to see. You might not have trouble it's just that I still have an old CRT monitor and most of you have probably upgraded to something better by now, or you could always go into fullscreen mode with alt+enter. Come to think of it i can't remember if i enabled that option. Well you could always decrease your desktop resolution a bit to help you if you feel like it's too hard to see although it's almost all black on white so it's not entirely my fault.
I'm rambling a bit here heh, oh damn the name wont fit whats up with that? Well the full name is actually Dotman finds a house with gold in it oh and it's haunted.
Just before finishing it, i added these cool rotating things that kill you if you touch them but you could stand inside them. Well that has been taken out because apparently you can't have fine detection on a rotating object.

Seriously guys the other game i was making was really awesome it was going to win for sure and probably knock Eternal daughter off of the best click game ever status. actually is there a kid of metascore rating thing for click games? i guess not. It's a pity really because it's far too easy for a few people to change the rating of a game when really they're not trying to give an accurate reflection of the game, they're just trying to be nice because they like the game. You know there is a difference between liking a game and a game being good, so i wonder what people think when they reveiw a game? Maybe thats the problem they don't think. Well it's not all that important, although it does hurt to see your own game cast under the shadow of something totally inferior because it contains kittens.

Whats the deal with people on the internet liking cats anyway? all those images with cats and a some words written underneath like a retard? Thats not funny! I bet the cat wasn't thinking that at all!
Is it because they're all furries? OH GOD Don't get me started on furries. The less said about those guys the better.

Does anyone know what this smilies is supposed to be?
I see it a lot and can't work out what emotion it's supposed to represent.

Wanna know about the game? press the arrow keys to move and collect the gold (the yellow things) then touch the E. Avoid ghosts though because apparently they have the power to make you go back in time just before you entered the house.

If you read all that you probably spent more time doing so than you will playing my game.

have fun!

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Posted by UrbanMonk 4th February, 2009
Rated :

Hard, but I beat it
Posted by Ski 4th February, 2009
Rated :

"Does anyone know what this smilies is supposed to be?"

I wonder if the clue is in the name?
Posted by W3R3W00F 4th February, 2009
Rated :

Andy, if you go to the forums, look under Html and smilies. They should have the list of em and the descriptions.
Posted by W3R3W00F 4th February, 2009
Rated :

To be honest, you should have just submitted your more interesting game, complex or not. Rikus DID say...

"The rules are simple create a small game that is fun and addicting to play"

If it's too big then phooey. If it's small enough then hell go ahead and submit it.
Posted by Rikus 4th February, 2009

Not to judge but while i wont play the games until after the deadline remember like wolf stated it is about creating a small game that is supposed to be fun, dont forget the fun factor when you are creating your game. Dont create a mini game that will be easily forgotten, if you are going to do it and spend time on it then do it the right way! There is still plenty of time for updates etc
Posted by Sketchy 4th February, 2009

well, it was certainly mini...

EDIT: It was actually quite fun, but took about 2 minutes to finish, is all.
Comment edited by Sketchy on 2/4/2009
Posted by AndyUK 4th February, 2009

Um, what are you trying to say? I purposely made my game not fun?

If you don't enjoy it thats down to your own tastes. Also if it's easily forgotten thats not the game's fault. Plenty of fantastic games get forgotten because people have weird tastes in games.
I don't know why you guys feel the need to point out the blatantly obvious to me.
My other game was too complex to finish on time. I'm not submitting an unfinished game...
Comment edited by AndyUK on 2/4/2009
Posted by UrbanMonk 4th February, 2009
Rated :

I enjoyed it, especially the music!
Posted by AndyUK 5th February, 2009

Posted by Rikus 5th February, 2009

again i have not played the game so i wont judge, it sounds fun
Posted by steve 5th February, 2009
Rated :

nice! is that a custom movement too!?
Posted by AndyUK 5th February, 2009

yes its custom. Actually I'm quite pleased with the detector less player movement.
Comment edited by AndyUK on 2/5/2009
Posted by Spitznagl 5th February, 2009
Rated :

It's one of the games in enjoyed the most yet.
While being "mini" it succeded to be fun.
Getting a high score just isn't enough of a goal, and you understood that.

Great music BTW
Posted by AndyUK 6th February, 2009

wow, thanks!
Posted by Dynamite 8th February, 2009
Rated :

I enjoyed it!

But the monsters where too hard and I kept Dying ;___;

EDIT: Dam I meant to rate it 3 stars
Comment edited by Andrew Noel (Dynamite) on 2/8/2009
Posted by AndyUK 10th February, 2009

they aren't all that difficult, just make them walk into a corner.
Comment edited by AndyUK on 2/10/2009
Posted by Watermelon876 27th September, 2009
Rated :

I actually like it!!! It's just a bit short.
Posted by AndyUK 27th September, 2009

Why thank you watermelon.
Posted by AndyUK 17th February, 2011

Yeah it's 2011 but I thought I would just say it's a minigame so it's supposed to be shit. I MEAN SHORT.





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