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Review: Eternal Daughter
Author: Jack in the Box
Added: 09/07/2002

I really loved this game. Great graphics, music, sound, and playability. I got 48% and am at the first rider. I'll get him this time. Oh, yeah, that's my complaint btw. The game glitched. I was searching the Dungaga Fortress for power ups i may have missed. then when i wanted to go fight the first rider again, the elder says stuff about Smirnol and i can't get through to the rider anymore. I really enjoyed the game until that happened. And I'm not about to start all over. Too bad. I wanted to beat it. I think by me going to Dungaga Fortress I met the elder's hologram. and after that the game switches got messed up. If this were fixed I'd be happy to finish the game. Any one else had that problem yet?


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