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Review: Eternal Daughter
Author: thewreck
Added: 24/06/2002

a session of playing ED:

i start up the game, brum brum, loading loading...
ah finally, load -> slot 1. great.

i find myself in a little bush, a glowing bush furthermore, it has a really spiffy animation.

great. i move on, altough i dont really know where to go, i feel upwards has worked before so i try it on.

jump jump, oh darn a big metallic-thiny with a spear and a gun. (the first time i met them i accully died, gRR! so i dont have much of a pleasant memory of them). i do my jump up-wait for shot- move forward- wait for spear- move in and attack-dance until he dies which has proven to work pretty good. I move further and upwards and find probably the most annoying enemy in the history of gaming. the flying guy that shoots diagonal shots. i dont know how many times both me and that flyer ends up dying at the same time.
grr to thoose

i move forwards and jump to the right, and find a very silly looking cat. its accaully probably one of the funniest enemies in game history. i kill it and what do i know! you can use the dead cat at as trampoline! cheers for that one. love it. and when i jump up i find a heart! they are always welcomed.

i really dont know where iam going now but i wander planlessly towards more hearts!, i know i like hearts, they keep me alive. so i go sniff for more. and suddenly i find myself in an immense battle between me my daggers and 1 guy with spikey shield one flying machine and one big robot with a bazooka and a mine-bomb thing. its hot! its hairy! i slash there! and i slash there! i take hits here and there! dang bang and dang!... the battle field becomes silent, silent except the excellent music. i'am left with only one heart.

that was a closie. i wander on to the left and find a power scroll! woho! not exactly what i was looking for but hey!. iam happy, very happy.
iam filled with the feeling of achievement! i want to play further!

i move back to the right, and woha!, thats in front of me? the flying guy the shield guy and the guy with bazooka! again.. they reposition their posts quick in this city. i have to fight them again, but this time with one heart.. this is going to get tricky. i move up to them, slash em, retreat charge a shot, hit em nice! and bam from above a large flying craft comes crashing down into my head. ooooooowwwhhh, mia cries out. and i see the shiny green crystal in the breast breaks.. 2 seconds of silence, them -" VAAA FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!! JÄVLA HORA" which means in english summin like: "what the fu-uuck , f-cking who-oore!" my last 15 minutes of playing is gone. and as a reflex, before i have time to think my hand are all over alt+F4, i breath heavily and calm myself, its just a game, its just a game.

i decide i will try again. and i start the game up again.. fast forward ... bzziuuuuzzzziiizzuzzuuuuizit.. "VAAAFFFAAAAAN jä..." which again means the same thing.

i close it. and i keep it closed. iam amazed about the game. its got almost all of the things you can remember from the old snes games, the hearts the special attacks the questy feeling. i want to feel what everyone else seems to feel.
that is why i come back to the game, i want to experience what everyone else is. i too want to say its a great game.

i hear lots and lots of people say "it rocks" "its the best" "i love it"

but somehow i dont feel it. it doesnt make me feel happy at all. it makes me feel mad, and pissed off. i like games wich are not nessecarily great in complexity or super hard or super deep. i like a game which makes me feel happy.

chrono trigger was such a game. you very rarely died in that game, and still you felt a thoughness. there was something about the girl companion you had. she made you happy.

another game i would like to mention is realms of destiny DEMO, belive it or not. when you walked around in the cave and attacked the slime blobs, you felt powerful, i accually found myself smiling once in a while. not very long lastability. but still

all in all i would say that i hope to find the same joy in ED as many of you others have found. i almost feel sorry for myself for not having found it.

but still i can only say what i feel. the game has great graphics, sure its not perfect graphics, i dont know if i'am right but i think only one of the two BES guys did the gfx, and that sure is a hella good job for such a big game.

otherwise i must regretably say that i miss the feeling which made all those snes games a classic.

signing off . thewreck


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