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Review: Eternal Daughter
Author: mrEkli [NewKlear]
Added: 04/07/2002

Some say that this is the best Click game ever.

I'd like to say... I DON'T KNOW! Well, that very statement above is opinionated. Now on to the actual review!

OOoo.. Another Platform Advanture game! There's not many of these... Battle of Olympus, (Was this?) Kid Icarus, Zelda 2, Castlevania (3 of them), and Metroid(3 of them). That may seem like a lot but it's very little.
I could easily fit this game in with them. But realistically, this is the hardest one I've come by. But I dunno what to call these jumping "puzzles". It's easily overlooked once you get to the other side, but it is still an issue. The gameplay is straight forwards. The controls are great. Except one fact. When I try to ready myself for using a "sub-weapon" in the air, by holding up, I find myself evading backwards. That is another minor thing. But it makes it harder for me. Very responsive controls and a long quest... With some troubles on the way. But good gameplay in all.

Well, the graphics are great. Considering that they were drawn pixel by pixel. This could possibly go along with other Super Nintendo games in terms of graphic quality.
The sound... Oh, the sound. The sound is a very important part of the game. It offers mood and affects the reaction of the player, in some cases. The sound effects of ED fit perfectly and work well in timing. The music is well composed but I have a feeling I've heard the death song before.

Well, this game offers a quest that is about, I DUNNO I NEVER FINISHED IT. So, it guess it's pretty long. Even after you beat this game, I think you'll go back through it to get real good at it. So, the lastability is quite high.

Another click game? NO
This is a great platform adventure game for PC. But beware it's troubles. For it will kill you! J/P. Heh heh. Download it, it's FREE. You'll love it, one way or another.


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