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Review: Eternal Daughter
Author: Meric
Added: 16/04/2003

Eternal Daughter Review by Meric:

Oh wow! I can't believe I'm actually gonna write a review about this game! I told myself I wasn't because some many other people have already reviewed it, but I can't stop myself!!

This is the first game I've ever gaven a perfect ten. Alight the presentation is fabulous, bright and cheery. Everything fits perfectly. This game has it's own charm.

The graphics are drawn with much detail and were not rushed. There are a few exceptions but in the end it doesn't matter. The animation is decent. This game's got style!

The gameplay was obviously inspired by Konami's castlevania series, and that's fine because it works so well. You, Mia set out on a golden adventure to unite the races of the world and take down the unseen evil! Along the way you meet with plenty of colourfull characters who aid you in your quest. There are plenty of weapons and status up grades. There is also a wide range of manouvers and attacks that Mia must learn. You must hunt for treasure and explore the world thuroghly to find them all.

The music in Eternal Daughter is classic all the music is apropriate to their level. The sound effects are also well excecuted and never sound out of place!

I've beaten the game, and now I'm playing thru it again! It's just that type of game. It's a very satisfying experiance to challange the final boss in a duel to save your land. There are so many secrets. And you don't have to find them all to beat the game. You will spend hours searching for powerups to strengthen Mia.

Great Game!

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