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Review: Eternal Daughter
Author: MekahDexa
Added: 13/04/2005

Eternal Daughter is a very popular game, but I think it's a bit overhyped. In fact, I don't like it at all, and I think everyone thinks too much of it.

Presentation 09/10
The presentation in this game is outstanding, I must say. It's main menu and game over screens are excellent, and remind me of old SNES games. It's beautifully drawn, and has no use of the mouse at all.

Gameplay 06/10
Now, here's the letdown. The game starts off hard, and I'm sure that it ends off impossibly difficult. The main reason why is because the amount of enemies. Seeing as you start off with only a melee weapon, you have to get close in to attack, a perfect oppurtunity for an enemy to slightly touch you, which of course, leads to getting hurt for some reason. Also, the flying enemies are very tough to kill, seeing as they move around freely. Another point is, that you start off with too little health in comparison with how many enemies are around, which results in death fairly quickly.

Graphics 10/10
The main plus point, the graphics. They are excellently drawn, and really shows you how much pixel art can do. The animation is also good, although enemies dissappear after you've killed them, but I guess that's just a gaming cliche.

Sound and Music 08/10
They're great, fantastic! A very good choice of music and a wide array of sounds provide a very well done atmosphere.

Lastability 04/10
Now, this is another major letdown. With dying being so common, the player will probably get frustrated and delete it straight away. Although the save points slightly prevents this, many players will get tired after an hour or two.

Overall 06/10
Overall, it is a very nice looking, and sounding game. But when it comes to gameplay, it fails miserably. Maybe if yo started with one or two more health points, then it might not have failed. But, a lot of people do think this is the best klik game ever, but this is just my oppinion.

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