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Review: Eternal Daughter
Author: Dan Cook
Added: 21/06/2002

This is a masterpeice! It can be said simply by looking at the screenshots that the work that went into the making of this game was that of an elite artist, an extrememly smart person, and a very creative mind.

Gameplay: First of all, lets not joke ouselves. The "engine" as people have it, is excellent. When you hit a wall, you stop. When you hit an enemy, you get hurt. And jumping works great. Furthermore, the game is naturally fun! The colorful characters, the moving enemies. And the great story.

Presentation: WONDERFUL gfx. Great Intro. Excellent Enemies. The truth is (as some people might have it) that "presentation is everything" and this game certainly says it.

Lastability: Forever. You could play, and replay. I still play a 10 year old game called JET PACK. you could go back to this game in 20 years, and play it and have fun.


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