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Review: Eternal Daughter
Author: Canaryman
Added: 21/06/2002

The long wait is over people. Eternal Daughter is here, and it certainly lives up to the hype.

It's been 2 years in the making (i believe so anyway) and those BES guys have really slaved their guts out over it, so i'm going to have to deduct points for that.
- only kidding - It's good to see that people actually stick with projects and not just dump them and work on something new and exciting (guilty as charged)

This labour of love really shows in the game. The Graphics are slick and professional, the backgrounds are colourful and varied and don't repeat in an overly obvious way. The enemies are brilliantly thought out. Bosses and minions are a mix of species, frog, bird, rock, bat, wierd roast-chicken headed cyborgs, skeletons and fish.

Controling is complex, but justified, considering just about every move can be used to successfully beat a boss. The simple attack, the ranged attack, a slide back that puts me in mind of Michael Jacksons 'Moonwalk', however, the mid-air flip seems to be there only for show (i couldn't kill anything with it)

The game is realtivly hard, but that adds to the fun, it's hard, but not frustratingly so. Save points are Abundant, and usually occur after a boss, or when you change levels.

So far i've only gotten to the underground caves bit (and i kept drowning in the lake, so i don't know what's down there) but the second skeleton always seems to kill me. It's annoying. It's evil... it's adictive.

This game is good enough to keep me going through the long summer holidays and i'm sure i'll be playing it long after to try and find all these secrets that are hidden away. And i agree with circy, this game should rocket to atleast the top five, however, 9mb may be too much for some modem users (not me, although i got 56k modem, i downloaded it in 30 minutes 5kbps download - not bad for aging technology)

also, i'm giving more points for the fact this has the best (and probably longest) intro in klik history. It's probably better than the actual game itself (i've watched it 3 times so far)

However, in the interest of fairness i must point out some minor flaws.
-You can move left/right while charging your ranged attack
-not having more flaws

oh, and if you're wondering why i've not averaged it out to 10/10, it's because i never give out full marks, no game is ever perfect - not even ED.


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