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Review: Eternal Daughter
Author: Max
Added: 28/06/2002

Before reviewing games, I usually play through and finish them but in the case of that gigantic beast of a game, I gotta break the rules and review it right away. Despite the fact I haven't played through the game a lot (by the time I review this I've only completed 19% of the game), I think I can come up with a proper review.


Right away from the start, things are looking great. You'll almost think for a second you've booted up a SNES game by accident. Actually, I really do feel I'm playing a SNES game while I'm playing this. The graphics are really colorful, the animations are top-notch, and the music is breath-taking. I never thought that a MIDI soundtrack could sound that good. The sound effects do the job.


This game is basically a cross-over between a RPG and an action game. This game is pretty fun and the many places you'll explore each contain their unique obstacles and enemies. You'll encounter bad mushrooms, different flying enemies ranging from these weird reaper-birds to bats and also mean flying machines, ice wolves, frogs, and many, many more. Bosses are also very cool and will definitely give you a run for your money. Each boss is very well detailled and each possess their own attack patterns. If you ever wish to fight your way out of a battle alive against them, you'll need to dig up their patterns to attack them in the best possible way.

This brings me to my next point: the game's difficulty level. This game is incredibly hard at spots and you'll be faced to the Game Over screen a lot of times. You'll want to bang your keyboard out of anger. You'll replace it and you'll come back for more. Despite the game's insane challenge, this game's addictive like hell and you won't left until you've fought out that boss, collected that item, etc.

Luckly, Mia (the game's main character) does have all the right talents in her hands to succeed through all this hardness. You have your trusty sword to ward off enemies, and as the game progresses you'll find other weapons to help you out, like daggers, hammers, and more. You can also boost your health bar by finding those big hearts cleverly hidden within the game. You'll also learn some wicked jump techniques like double jumping and wall jumping.

My only caveats about this game is the lack of pointers telling you where to go. You're told by some people to go "there", but sometimes you'll need to mess around a lot to find that place, and I was unsure at times if I really were at the right location. If you get killed by enemies with 1 hit or 2, then chances are you aren't at the right place. The other pissing thing is the game's underwater system. It seems ridiculous to me that Mia could only hold her breath for about 7 seconds, and you sink far too quickly. Ok, you can stay underwater longer by collecting hearts, but I hope there's some way to stay longer underwater without losing all your health slowly.


There's plenty to do within this game, and I doubt that you'll bust through this title quickly. When you'll have finished, you'll even want to start a new game and see which items you have missed through your first play.

Overall, closing notes

This game is by far one of the best klik games which ever got created. It is fun, it is lengthy, it has a great story, excellent music and lots of entertainment value. It is obvious that Blackeye spent a lot of time on this game and really wanted to impress the click community. You did succeed indeed! Although it has a couple of flaws, this game's a keeper and is a must have for any RPG and platformer fan. It is really hard to not love this game. The high difficulty setting will wreck your nerves, but no matter what happens, you'll still come back for more. At 9 megs, it's a big download, but you won't regret this excellent investment. You've got more than the time you've spent downloading the game in there.

This game merits a perfect 10/10 overall-wise. You've HIGHLY deserved it.


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